Friday, 31 May 2013

The top notch nail duo

I'm extremely lazy with painting my nails, i paint them about twice a month and that's probably due to the fact that i'm extremely impatient and always find that i smudge them in 0.5 seconds. I've vowed to start wearing nail polish more, as i have so many gorgeous colour that are just sitting in a bowl screaming my name, so I've dug out these two products to help me on my way to beautifully polished digits.

First things first, you've got to remember the basic things like filing, shaping and generally pruning your nails. I've been complimented many a time by nail technicians on my cuticles (odd, i know...), so i dont bother with all that cuticle pushing jazz, but i do try to keep them in a nice shape and i rub a little oil in the nail beds every now and again to keep them soft and supple. Another thing which helps your hands to look pristine is hand cream, i love soap and glory's 'hand food' for some extra rich moisturisation.

Right, so onto the duo in question. OPI nail envy is a nail strengthener which i use mainly as i base coat - i never really tend to use this alone. I saw from the first couple of times using this an improvement in the strength and quality of my nails, which had been ruined by acrylics. My nails are quite brittle so they can break off a fair bit, but i have to say that its reduced, and my nails are less bendy than before. It also really helps with preventing staining. I wear bright polishes 80% of the time when i do wear a polish, and I've had some nasty looking yellow nails in the past, but that is a mere memory now as nail envy provides the perfect polish base.

Onto my top coat of choice; sally hansen insta-dry anti-chip top coat. This baby can make a polish last for around a week on me, and it also helps them to dry within about 5 minutes of application. It claims to make nails touch dry in 30 seconds, but i'd say its generally more like a minute. This top coat provides a nice amount of gloss, but wont make you look like you have gel nails, which i actually quite like as i don't like my nails to be the main focus. All in all, this is a pretty nifty little top coat, although i am yet to try the likes of the seche vite top coat(which i actually currently have sitting unopened in a drawer), so we'll see how that fairs in comparison once i crack that open!

What are your favourite nail products to make nail painting run like a dream?


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