Thursday, 27 June 2013

Back to mac | girl about town lipstick

I recently de-potted three of my mac eyeshadows, and found that it meant i had 6 empties - enough to do a back to mac. I immediately began pondering over which lipstick i would get, and it was narrowed down to three - girl about town, lustering and morange. In the end i went with girl about town, as it's a lipstick I've been lusting over for a while, but knew i'd never take the plunge to buy as pink lipsticks aren't something i'm too confident with.

Girl about town is the perfect bright pink lipstick for me, it's described by mac as a bright blue fuchsia, which i think is a great description for it. Although it is blue toned, i find unlike other blue toned pinks I've tried, there's a certain warmth to it which helps it to suit my warm toned skin. It's not too light which i often find with pink lipsticks, the deepness makes it stand out on the lips so much more. Girl about town is an amplified formula lipstick, which is definitely my favourite formula. Amplified lipsticks are extremely pigmented and bold, and mostly carry a satin like finish which means they aren't too drying on the lips. I can't say much for the wear time as i haven't yet worn this lipstick for more than 15 minutes, but i'm sure that like the rest of the amplified lipsticks, it will last a good amount of time and fade down to a nice stain. In the above picture the lipstick looks slightly lighter than it is, and this may be due to the fact that its so bright that the slight sheen reflects the light! You can see the colour much better in the picture below.

Overall, i'm extremely happy that i picked this lipstick over the other two, as i think i would have never tried it otherwise (I expect the other two shades will be in my grasps soon enough though, as they are gorgeous colours). I'd definitely recommend picking up girl about town if you're looking for a bright, fun pink lipstick with a lot of pigment, and often find other bright pink shades to be too light or blue toned. This lipstick would be perfect for a day out in summer, or even a night out anytime of the year, so i'm sure i'll get loads of use out of it.

What do you think of 'girl about town'? Whats your current mac lipstick lust? 


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