Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Clarins daily energizer cream

Clarins daily energizer cream is a light but hydrating day cream with a smooth whipped texture. Clarins daily energizer also comes in a gel formula for combination/ oily skins, and a lotion which contains spf 15. The cream formula which i have is for normal/dry skin, which is the bracket my skin most fits into, and i can definitely say this day cream has made a huge difference to my skin.

The texture of this cream shocked me a little bit, at first i thought it would be far too heavy for my skin, but it actually gives my skin the perfect level of hydration. Although this cream has a slightly thick, whipped texture, its also very lightweight and absorbs almost instantly, leaving my skin soft, hydrated and glowing for the rest of the day. Many moisturisers I've tried can leave my skin looking a little oily after around 5 hours, whether i'm wearing makeup or not, but clarins daily energizer cream sinks in so beautifully and hydrates my skin perfectly, so that no shine is in sight when i use it. Any makeup applied on top of the cream stays put all day, and i actually find that my skin gets less oily throughout the day when i use this compared to not. I think the main reason why this has made such a difference to my skin, is that due to the fact that my skin used to be very oily, so most moisturisers seemed way too heavy for my skin, so i skipped it only using a night cream. This left my skin very unbalanced, probably due to the fact that i have dehydrated skin (a new discovery), but since using this i've realised not all day creams have to be so heavy, and my skin has now evened out to normal, and even gets slightly dry at times!

One thing i really love about this day cream is that it gives my skin the most beautiful glow. Not an oily shine, a glow. There's nothing i love more than glowing skin, so if this can be achieved even without the use of radiant foundations, then i'm in.

One thing which this cream doesn't have, is an SPF. Now, i'm not overly bothered by this, as i have a separate sunscreen and many of my foundations contain spf, but every now and again there comes a day when my foundation of choice has no spf, or its a no makeup day and i don't feel the need to whack out my factor 50. Due to this i often find myself reaching for alternatives, but that's just me being darn lazy and not wanting to add an extra layer of product.

Overall, clarins daily energizer cream is the perfect day cream for me, sinking in instantly and giving my skin the perfect dose of hydration, whilst still giving me a lovely glow. Although it's marketed at normal/dry skin, i think people with normal/combination skin would also benefit from this cream, although maybe not in the hotter summer months. I also think It's a very reasonable price, costing only £21 pounds for a 30ml tub. Considering the difference it's made to my skin, i'm more than happy to pay this. Once this tub is empty, i will definitely be repurchasing it over and over, as it's officially reached holy grail status for me.

Clarins daily energizer cream is available from all clarins counters.

have you ever tried clarins daily energizer cream? What's your favourite day cream?

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