Friday, 7 June 2013

NARS douceur blush review

NARS douceur is a blush that i never thought would suit me. It's a beautiful brown toned pink which is such a me colour, but it looks pretty light in the pan which threw me off. I went ahead and bought it with the understanding that if i didn't like it, my mum would happily take it off my hands. I was all ready to pass it onto her after swatching, as it just didn't look all that special, but once it was on my cheeks, it was love at first sight.

 As stated above, nars douceur is a mauvey-brown toned pink shade, which warms up the cheeks whilst still giving you a lovely flush of colour. I use this shade when i want a slight bit of structure to my face, but don't want to go all out with the contour, blush and highlight routine, as it's so effortless and gives the face a subtle contour which is perfect for every day. In the pictures shown i am wearing nothing on my cheeks except the blush, which is how i typically wear it. I apply this blush to the high points of my cheeks, rather than the apples, as i think this is where it looks best due to the brown tone it has.

Douceur lasts on my cheeks for over 9 hours before fading(i never tend to wear my makeup for longer than this), even without a primer, which i think is pretty amazing. I have yet to test this out in hot weather, only on moderate days, so i can't say how it will fair when my skin is a little bit more oily, but for now on my normal skin it is brilliant.

All in all, i think this blush is brilliant, and whats more, it looks great on both pale and tanned skintones. I've tested it on my mum too who is a fair bit paler than me and she loves it. I think if you are much darker than me then it may not show up quite so well, but i wouldn't rule out mauvey-pink blushes completely as i'm sure theres one out there for you! This blush is perfect all year round, and although nars blushes are a little pricey, its totally worth it.

NARS blushes are available at space NK, and i purchased mine on there website here.

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