Friday, 19 July 2013

Exfoliating with acids

To me, exfoliating is very important, and now, with all the new 'chemical exfoliants' on the market, its been made even easier and more effective. Having previously only used manual scrubs, the difference between chemical vs manual is apparent and my skin is definitely thanking me for using these products. Having acquired a range of exfoliating products, here are some of my favourites.

REN glycolactic radiance renewal mask - available here
Masks are a great choice if you're only just experimenting with chemical exfoliants, as you really notice a difference straight away.  This one is an obvious choice as it's been talked about by every blogger out there, but there really is a reason for that. With a texture like marmalade and a fruity scent, its really a pleasure to use, and once you take it off, your skin is immediately left brighter, smoother and more radiant. With frequent use congestion can be reduced dramatically, and a difference is definitely apparent after the first use. I have never found this to irritate my skin in the slightest, but if you have sensitive skin you may want to try a sample first. Costing £30 this isn't the cheapest of masks, but its a really nice product to use a couple of times a month. 

NUDE miracle mask - available here
This one is the quickest working masks I've used with you only having to leave it on for 5 minutes, and even in that short time there are great results. It contains AHA's and rice beads to manually and chemically exfoliate, so your skin is instantly left looking brand new and radiant. This mask costs a hefty £38 so i only use it on special occasions or if my skin really needs a pick me up, but it really is a lovely product to buy as a treat. 

Alpha-H liquid gold - available here
This is my favourite product of the bunch! Liquid gold is an overnight treatment which you simply swipe over clean skin with a cotton pad. You can either use moisturiser on top of it or use it alone for a more intense treatment. I always use it alone, as i never find my skin to be tight in the morning when i skip the moisturiser so i'd rather leave it out. I've been using this for a good couple of months, and i began seeing results after only a couple of uses. My skin Is so much smoother and less congested, and back heads are reduced. The morning after using this my skin appears to be glowing, which is an added bonus. The smell is quite strong, it smells similar to weak vodka, but this soon disappears. This is one of the only products of the lot that actually makes my skin tingle slightly, but this also disappears after 5 minutes or so. Liquid gold costs £30 but me and my mum have both been using this for around 3 months and there's only a quarter gone, which shows that this product will last a very long time, justifying the price tag. I'd definitely recommend this product, but if you have sensitive skin this may be too strong for you. 

Clarins gentle exfoliator brightening toner - available here
This product is slightly different from the others, being a toner. This product is only meant to be used twice a week, but I use it every other day and its perfectly fine. This product has a similar smell and tingle to the liquid gold, but slightly less strong. The consistency is slightly thick so you don't need to use as much product which is great. The results from this toner take longer to notice, but seeing as it has similar results to the other products, i just find it useful to keep up the results achieved so i don't have to use the others as often. I also find my makeup goes on a lot better when i use this problem, as it provides a smooth canvas. It costs £25 which is quite a lot for a toner, but as it is not used quite so frequently it should last a good amount of time. 

Origins never a dull moment skin brightening face polisher - available here
This product is the only one which is not a 'chemical' exfolaint as such, but i use it in that way. This product contains manually exfoliating ground mango and apricot seeds, but it also contains fruit enzymes which 'chemically' exfoliate the skin. This product is great as the seeds help to loosen dead skin cells, and when left on the fruit enzymes dissolves the lackluster cells. I tend to leave this product on for around 10 minutes to receive the best results, but it works great after just 2 or 3. The product doesn't seem to do much if you wash it off immediately  but when left on this product is great to use in the morning to immediately brighten the skin and remove any dead skin cells lurking about, which in turn makes makeup application smoother. It is rather expensive for an exfoliator costing £25, but seeing as it can be doubled up as a kind of 'mask', i definitely think its worth it. 

If i had to pick one product it would be the Alpha-H liquid gold, but i also love the REN mask and the Origins never a dull moment. I'm intrigued to try more exfoliating products, so i'll report back soon with my new findings. 

Whats your favourite product of the bunch? Have you tried any other chemical exfoliating products you love?

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