Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Hourglass ambient lighting powder in 'luminous light'

From the moment i set eyes on the hourglass ambient lighting powders, i knew i had to have one. These powders have been all over blogs and youtube recently, and now i really understand why. The ambient lighting powders aim to deliver a soft focus effect that emulates a different flattering light source, and this sounded right up my street. This new breed of powder is formulated without parabens, talc, fragrance and other nasties, and aim to smooth out fine lines and imperfections, as well as minimising pores. Given the fact that hourglass isn't stocked in my local space NK, it took me a while to take the plunge and buy one, but finally i went for it and blindly purchased the shade 'luminous light', which is described as a champagne pearl that creates a soft, incandescent candlelit glow. i think that they hits the nail of the head with the description as it certainly gives the skin a beautiful glow, as if by candlelight.

The packaging of the ambient lighting powders is gorgeous. Although rather large, i like this as it's very sturdy, and less likely to smash if dropped. When my space NK parcel was delivered, i was out, so it was actually thrown over my gate which is about 8 foot high, but surprisingly there was not a crack to be seen. This gave me reassurance that this powder would be great for carrying around in my bag, unlike my un-sturdy rimmel stay matte powder.

The powder itself is a beautiful champagne colour with a pearlescent finish, although no colour seems to transfer onto the skin. Ambient lighting powders are soft and easy to apply, i usually take a small setting brush to apply below the eye area, and then a big fluffy brush to set the rest of my face. This powder is not one to go heavy handed with, especially in this shade, as you can end up looking rather like you've applied highlight all over if you use too much. That being said, it does mean that this product can be used either as an all over face powder, or applied more heavily to the tops of the cheekbones as a highlight. I love a good two in one product, so this has made me love them even more.

Aside from the gorgeous glow they give to the skin, these powders are actually brilliant at setting your makeup in place too. I find that i never have to re-powder when i apply this, even if i do get a little hot and sweaty(lovely). The gorgeous glow somehow manages to remain on the skin, whilst everything else stays firmly set and in place all day. My makeup definitely lasts a lot longer when i use this powder compared to when i use others.
Regarding shades, i don't think it matters to much which one you pick. They all look beautiful and they all aim to delivery a glow to the skin rather than actual colour payoff, so i'm sure you'll be happy with whichever one you pick. Some are more shimmery than others, but i think that simply adds to the effect rather than being something to steer clear of.

At £38 a piece from space NK these powders done come cheap, but i definitely think they're worth the money and are exactly what I've been looking for in a powder. These powers are perfect for if you have dry skin and need a bit of a boost, or even if you have more oily skin and need something to set your makeup in place without compromising on the dewy glow. I have nothing but good things to say about these powders and cant wait for the day when i can afford to add another to my collection, but for now i am a very happy chappy with the shade i currently have.

Have you every tried one of the ambient lighting powders? Whats your favourite shade?

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