Saturday, 27 July 2013

Mad for orange

When summer comes around, out comes everything orange. Although i don't hesitate to wear a dash of orange in the winter, it just feels a hell of a lot more appropriate in the summer. I feel like you just cant go wrong with a bit of orange, so here are the which will see me through summer.

Firstly, the only product which is not actually orange in colour, but in packaging. Although this doesn't really count, i still love this product and i will definitely be relying on it throughout summer. It's the origins GinZing energy boosting moisturiser. This product has replaced my usual moisturiser love, the clarins daily energizer cream, and i actually think i prefer it! I reviewed it here if you want to check it out, but for a brief overview, its a gel like consistency with a zesty scent, and it sinks in straight away giving your skin a dose of hydration and glow. perfect light but hydrating moisturiser for summer.

I have two orange cheek favourites, and i feel like they've got it covered. The first is a cream blush in the form of stila convertible color in gladiola. The convertible colors are one of my favourite cream blush types, and this shade is just the perfect orange that can be blended out to a lovely peach wash of colour. They stay glossy which is perfect for a summer glow and they last a really long time on the cheeks. They can also be used on the lips though i must say i never use them that way. The second blush is one that i've loved for a while now, and it was actually my first nars blush. NARS gina is a gorgeous matte peach blush which is perfect for any makeup look. It blends so seamlessly into the skin, really perking up your complexion. Nars blushes are really long lasting, so they're perfect for summer.

Onto lips and i've had to limit myself to only two lip products, but the options are endless. I chose a lipstick and a lip tint product, as this covers most aspects. The chubby stick look alikes that are the bourjois colour boosts really deliver in terms of pigment, longevity and hydration. When applied my lips instantly feel less dry and they continue to feel confortable for a couple of hours. The colour also lasts for a couple of hours which is great considering how moisturising they are. Although sheer, they also have a lot of pigment to them which makes them bold but wearable and easy to apply. The shade i own is orange punch which is a great coral orange colour. The orange lipstick i'm loving at the moment, and have been wanting for months is MAC morange. Morange is a true orange with slight red tones. It's extremely pigmented and matte with a slight sheen which makes it more comfortable to wear, along with helping it be a day and night lipstick. Morange lasts a long time on the lips, and i find that it looks great patted into the lips as well as built up.

Lastly, nail varnishes. I don't paint my nails too often, but when i do, more often than not it will be a bright shade, and at the moment i'm loving the oranges. Sally Hansen complete salon manicure in fiery island has lived on my nails for the past couple of weeks and i love it. Its a deep yet bright orange with slight red tones. It dries slightly darker than in the bottle but i actually like that. It's opaque within two coats and barely needed a top coat but i used one anyway, and it took about a week to see any chipping or tip wear which is amazing! It also has a great easy to use brush, not the widest but still wide enough and dried completely within about 10 minutes. The second orange polish i love is very different being a matte neon shade, in the form of Models Own hed kandi nail polish in beach party. This is a bright neon orange with a slight pastel feel to it. its much more of a true bright orange than the other. It's strange that its a matte polish, but sometimes its nice as the neon already stands out enough, and you can always make it shiny with a top coat. This one needs about 3 coats to become opaque, and lasts slightly less time with chips beginning to show at around 5 days, but that's still quite impressive! 

so, there we have it, an overview of my love for orange!

do you love orange as much as i do?

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