Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Squeaky Clean

Cleanser is a step that i pretty much just get on with. I never put too much thought into which cleanser i use, or so i thought. I somehow seem to have developed a collection of cleansers for my different needs and skin requirements. I'm sure my collection will magically continue to grow, but for now, here are the ones i'm loving. 

make-up removers: Makeup removing is solely done with bioderma. its just so quick and simple to use and removes almost everything, and since i hardly ever wear waterproof mascara or heavy smokey eyes, i don't have to worry about it not being strong enough. If i am wearing more eye makeup, then the clarins instant eye makeup remover is used. This is a great product, its a bi-phase solution which literally removes everything. It doesn't work in one swipe like everyone says, but holding it on for a few seconds and wiping gently a few times does the trick. It can make my eyes a bit cloudy but it does not irritate them or the surrounding area.

foaming cleansers: I love using foaming cleansers in summer because they're so refreshing, but i can find some to be quite drying. The origins a perfect world antioxidant cleanser is by far my favourite despite only having it a few weeks. It cleanses the skin without stripping it, and i especially love it as it helps to deeply detoxify skin and to remove free radicals. i really think it's helped to keep my skin clearer too! The only downside is that it can sting my eyes. Another foaming cleanser i often use is the wei chinese rose foaming cleanser. This one is slightly more drying but not too much for my dehydrated skin. This really cleanses my skin and helps to remove toxins. My skin feels so fresh when i use this, and it has a lovely floral scent. Some budget foaming cleansers i use are the simple moisturising facial wash and the garnier fresh essentials refreshing gel wash. Now the simple wash isn't really moisturising, but for a cheap cleanser it really does cleanse my skin, and it doesn't make it feel tight at all. I've been using this for years and it was great even when i had oily skin. The garnier is really refreshing and cleanses very well, but it is definitely better suited to normal/combination skin as this is too drying for me in the winter months.

balm cleansers: Not really a balm cleanser, but a very similar texture is the clarins pure melt cleansing gel. Its described as a gel, but it is quite thick and oily, and you massage it into dry skin like you would a balm. I love how this feels very luxurious to use, but once rinsed off my skin feels incredibly fresh and clean like it would when using a foaming cleanser, whilst still feeling moisturised. If you feel like balm cleansers can be to heavy for your skin, then try this out. I also love that its in a tube not a bottle, so much easier to use. I wrote a full review here if you'd like to read more. Another love which is a cult product now is the emma hardie natural lift and sculpt moringa cleansing balm. The texture of this is so heavenly to use, and its makeup removing ability is quite amazing. It really dissolves all traces of makeup, so if i'm not wearing too much then i'll just use this and it works perfectly. My skin is left feeling cleansed but very moisturised. This isn't really the most refreshing, so it's not one i use in the morning but its a great experience in the evening. A more refreshing balm cleanser is the elemis pro collagen cleansing balm. This is one i sneakily pinch from my mums dresser, but its such a lovely balm. Its quite thick and oily, but still manages to feel light somehow which means its slightly more refreshing to use. This one is aimed at older skin, so i do find it to be the most moisturising of the bunch, which is great for my dehydrated skin. I'd recommend this for drier or more mature skins.

There we have it, my current favourite cleansers. There's a few on my wishlist so stay tuned for reviews!

Whats your favourite cleanser?  


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