Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Taming those 'brows

Eyebrows is the most important step in my makeup routine, and also one of my favourites. I can happily leave the house with just my brows done and feel prepped for the day. I have somehow gathered a selection of products which i use depending on the situation and the look i'm going for, so if like me brows are a key factor in your makeup happiness, then this may help you out.

first up, you've got to brush through your brows to make sure they arent pointing here, there and everywhere. A simple spoolie from ELF seems to do the trick just fine. Next, onto the real business, filling them in:

Mac spiked eyebrow pencil is my go to if i want a quick, hassle free brow. It makes my brows very dark and defined, but due to the small nib and great pigmentation, i can get my brows done in no time with little to no slip ups. It's definitely the easiest of the three to use, and also the most 'unnatural', with my technique anyway. I'm sure you could create a really natural looking brow with this if your brows are a little fuller than mine. Also from mac is their eyeshadow in brun. I've recently been using this more and more to fill in my brows as it creates a much more subtle brow, although still defined. This eyeshadow is very cool toned which makes it look more natural, and it can be applied lightly or built up for a dark, opaque colour. Because of this i think it would suit anyone with light brown to black brows. This does take a little longer to apply, but if i'm not in a rush then i enjoy this method. Lastly is the hourglass arch brow sculpting pencil in dark brunette. When i first got this i found it a little tricky to use since i'd been so used to using such a fine nib, but the angled, almost triangular nib makes application quick and effortless. The pencil is waxy which means it helps to keep brows in place, but i find this can also mean i can go a little off track sometimes, maybe thats just me! This pencil is also cool toned and is the darkest of the three, so i find i have to apply quite lightly as to not make my brows look too slug's a lovely choice, especially if you have full brows and need something to quickly fill in the gaps and help keep them in place. Unfortunately mine snapped so i'm having to send it back, boo!

To keep my brows in place i either opt for the ELF wet gloss lash and brow clear mascara, which is a great cheap brow gel that really works to keep brows in place without making them crispy, or i use my MAC brow set in show off. The mac option is tinted which means its great for no makeup days to add a little definition and colour to the brows whilst also holding them in place, or i use it over my brow powder/pencil as it helps to make the hairs appear more full and it blends in the product better with my natural brows. 

So there we have it, my favourite products for taming my brows. 

What are your favourite brow products?

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