Saturday, 20 July 2013

Texture, Volume, Hold

My hair is curly. Very curly. My hair also used to be very damaged, so to keep it in good condition i need to use heavy conditioners and wash it as little as possible. As i straighten it, i need all the help i can get in prolonging the style, and adding volume and texture back into my locks. I've found a good little routine which helps to minimize the between wash straightening and daily backcombing, along with making my hair look great for the day to come.

Living proof prime style extender - available here

This is a great little product to prolong style longer. As the name suggests this product is a primer for your hair and works much like a face primer, helping any style created stay put for longer. It is also meant to repel oil and dirt, helping you go longer between washes. i apply this product after my conditioning products and before my styling products and heat protectors. I do find that when i use this my hair can last for about a week without needing a wash, which is great and definitely a time saver. It also helps to keep the majority of my hair straighter, although if i do get rained on or similar, its not going to stop the frizz then! This is only a sample, but i'll definitely be picking up the full size.

Bumble and Bumble texture creme - available here

This is one product which i don't use all the time, but when i do i love the results. This creme has a waxy-gel texture which you rub sparingly into wet hair. It adds a lot of grip and texture to your hair, almost like when you haven't washed your hair for a few days, but without the dirty, greasy feeling. I love using this around my parting and fringe as this is where i need the most volume, and it makes my fringe look so full which i love. It also somewhat helps to hold it in place. The only reason i don't use it as much is because you apply it to wet hair, so i only use this when i dry my hair with a hairdryer or it can make hair a little harder to brush in the morning. This is the travel size which is available here from boots for only £10, which is great if you want to try the product out before getting the full size, or if like me you don't wash your hair much.

Bumble and bumble surf spray - available here

This is probably one of my most used products for creating volume and texture. This can be used on the hair wet or dry, and it works well both ways. I find it works best when used liberally when your hair is wet, then a few sprays when it's dry in certain areas where needed. When i use this i can immediately see more texture in my hair, especially when used in my extensions where it creates really lovely beachy waves. I'd recommend this product especially for long hair or hair without layers for this reason! I can see myself loving this product even more once my layers have grown out. I have the travel size in this too which i got in the surf set available at boots, but you can buy the travel size individually at boots too, here.

Oribe dry texturizing spray - available here

This is probably the most expensive hair product of the bunch, but it really is worth it. This 75ml travel size cost a whopping £18 so its definitely one to be used sparingly, but the fantastic results mean you don't need much anyway. This products works to create roughed-up texture and volume in the hair, whilst also working as a dry shampoo and absorbing oils. It definitely does what it aims to do, instantly making my hair twice as big as before and getting rid of any shine. This product is clear so you also don't have to worry about the white powdery roots look! fab! I use this in my roots and fringe when i want extra volume in my hair, and it eliminates any need for backcombing. great product for anyone with fine or oily hair.

TRESemmé salon finish extra hold hairspray - available here

Hairspray isn't something i use all the time, but if I've curled my hair or it's a particularly windy day, its a must. My favourite is this tresemmé hairspray as it gives just enough hold without making my hair crispy or unable to move. I have this in a travel size as i can carry it in any bag, but even the full size is very affordable.

so there you have it! my favourite hair styling products for texture, volume and hold. I'll be doing a haircare routine video soon, so please feel free to leave any questions for me to answer!

What are some of your favourite hair styling products?

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