Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Yves Saint Laurent rouge volupté shine lipstick shade 17 rose in tension

As you can probably tell by the amounts of lipstick posts I've made already, I'm in love with the stuff. YSL lipsticks are probably one of my favourites but due to the hefty price tag, this one is only my second purchase. I purchased this Yves Saint Laurent rouge volupté shine lipstick in shade 17 'Rose in tension' a few weeks back in boots, when i realised i had a whopping £35 pounds worth of points to spend, along with some extra money from things i was about to exchange. This led to some bumble and bumble purchases along with this lipstick, but lets stick to just this for now.

Yves Saint Laurent rouge volupté shine lipstick in shade 17 'Rose in tension', like the rest of the rouge volupté range, is packaged in this gorgeous gold casing with the iconic Yves Saint Laurent symbol circling the centre, accompanied by metal in a similar shade to the lipstick. The packaging is to die for, possibly the most chic and sophisticated packaging i've ever seen.

The lipstick itself has a beautifully soft, buttery formula, which leaves a lovely wash of sheeny colour on the lips. Shade 17 is a gorgeous deep rose which is very flattering on most skin tones. I'd say this is the perfect shade to go for if you're looking for a more sophisticated pink, although i still find this lipstick to be summery and fun.

Rouge volupté shine lipsticks not only deliver on colour, but also on formula. They're formulated to contain hyaluronic acid, which retains moisture and therefore prevents dry lips, and they also contain pomegranate and rice to combat free radicals, along with properties to enhance the shine and colour, along with keeping lips soft and smooth. Now, i don't know about you, but that's a lot of great properties for a lipstick to boast, and i definitely think that it makes them worth the hefty £24 price tag.
I find that due to the soft, buttery formula and the shine which they give, these lipsticks don't last the longest on the lips, but that's to be expected when dealing with such a soft lipstick. I never tend to go that long without eating so i cant tell the full lasting power when not affected by food and drink, but whenever i wear this lipstick, the only time i ever need a touch up is after food and drink, so i'd say they last a good 4 hours on the lips before the need of a touch up.

Overall, i'm really happy i got this lipstick. It's such an easy to wear colour for summer. It's perfect for when i want something a bit more exciting than a nude, but still want to be able to go out and not worry about it smudging all over my face or getting on my teeth like all my bold choices. These lipsticks don't come cheap as stated earlier, but i definitely think they're worth the price tag, and with so many lustable colours, i have to refrain from purchasing one every time i catch a glimpse...

Have you ever tried one of the rouge volupté lipsticks? Whats your favourite shade?

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