Thursday, 1 August 2013

Budget buy | L'oreal volume million lashes mascara

L'oreal volume million lashes has been my favourite mascara for over a year now, so i thought it was about time i review it. For a drugstore mascara its amazing, its lengthens and volumises my lashes in one coat which is enough for the day, or two coats if i want extra volume for the evening. Although it isn't the most volumising mascara I've ever tried, the length and definition it gives to my lashes well makes up for it and means it's my go to mascara for almost any occasion. In the pictures I've applied it to my top and bottom lashes and i think it works well for both. The brush is plastic and i do find some plastic bristles can scratch my lash line when applying, but the bristles on this one are firm yet slightly bendy which means that doesn't happen. There are loads of short bristles rather than spaced out long ones which helps to coat every lash evenly and make sure the right amount of product is distributed, along with making it easier to apply to the bottom lashes. I've repurchased it about 3 times over the past year and a half, and it only starts to dry up after about the 6/7 month mark so you definitely get your moneys worth. For a drugstore mascara it is on the pricey side of things at £10.99, but its currently on offer at feelunique for just over £9 so i'd definitely recommend picking it up whilst the offers on!

whats your favourite mascara?
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