Thursday, 26 September 2013

Nars satin lipsick in toledé

This lipstick was rather an impulse buy.  I was browsing the Space NK store (that place always sucks me in) and i decided it was time to try a few more Nars bits and pieces. Having never head much about or tried one of the lipsticks they have on offer, i thought i'd take a risk and pick up toledé, a pinky nude shade, as i'd been looking for a new subtle nude for a while now.

Nars toledé lipstick is described as a 'pink rose' with a distinct warm tone. On me it pulls more nude than rosy but on lighter skintones it would be distinctly more pink. It has a lovely satin finish and a soft, creamy texture which glides on with ease and leaves my dry lips feeling comforatable. The colour payoff is rather opaque, but the sheen means its not too bold or overpowering, and it leaves your lips looking quite natural, enhancing your overall look, not being the centre of it. These qualities make this lipstick the perfect your lips but better shade for me, meaning its become a staple in my makeup bag. This lipstick would be perfect for a minimal makeup day, school, or to tie a smokey eye look together. With the texture being so creamy you'd think it would have poor lasting powder, but i find this lipstick lasts a good 4 hours on the lips, and survives drinking and eating relatively well. I do still tend to reapply it though as my lips feel so comfortable and hydrated with it on!

The only downside is that this lipstick costs £18.50 and you get a very small amount of product, so if you wore this everyday it would not last all that long. For me, i like to switch between bold and nude lips day to day, so it will last slightly longer, but if your on more of a budget and like to stick to just one lipstick, then it may not be for you. 

I love this lipstick and could not recommend it enough to anyone looking for a subtle everyday shade or avid smokey eye wearers looking for the perfect lip colour to pair with them. This lipstick would suit so many skintones, and i'm so happy i decided to take a risk and buy it. I can definitely see myself repurchasing!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Nars pure radiant tinted moisturiser

The NARS pure radiant tinted moisturiser is something which I've wanted to try for a good while now, but i never really thought i needed due to the fact i already owned a couple other tinted moisturisers. After seeing Victoria from In the Frow talk about it and how she was taking it travelling with her, i realised i had a NARS shaped whole in the heart and i went out to get it almost immediately. Just my luck it was out of stock for almost the whole of summer, but once i got my hands on it, it was a lifesaver and i really could not be happier with my purchase.

The Nars pure radiant tinted moisturiser is a great everyday base for those not looking for too much coverage. I'd say its a light to medium coverage, but can be built up slightly to a medium coverage without becoming too cakey or heavy. What i love about this is that its the perfect tone for my skin. Often tinted moisturisers are too pink toned which means i never really opt for them on a daily bases unless there's really no need for foundation, but this is the perfect balance between yellow and pink toned. I'd say it leans a little to the yellow side of things, but its pretty much neutral. It's also beautifully radiant on the skin. Not to the extent that your going to look like a disco ball, but it gives your skin such a natural looking healthy glow which just really brightens up your complexion.

For a tinted moisturiser i find this lasts surprisingly well on my skin. I wear this to college and it lasts all day without making me look shiny, with only a powder in the morning to set and once midday to keep it looking fresh. This may not be the case for oily/combination skinned girls as i do have relatively normal/dehydrated skin which only really gets oily with heavier bases, but i think its well worth the few extra powders. Another thing, i never really find tinted moisturisers to actually be moisturising, rather just comfortable, but when i apply this my skin instantly feels less tight and full of life.

The thing which really persuaded me to get it was the SPF. It has SPF 30 and offers broad-spectrum sun protection against both UVA and UVB rays, so when i use this i don't have to worry about applying an spf separately unless i'm going to be under harsh direct sunlight from a long period of time, which is lets face it, never. This makes it a great choice for the summer and also for school/college as i can slap it on in a hurry and know its protecting and moisturising my skin. The Nars pure radiant tinted moisturiser costs £28, but for the amount you get it's definitely worth it, as you only need the smallest amount to cover your whole face. I can see this lasting me through to next summer, even using it almost every day!

The only niggle i have is that the shade range is slightly off. I'm the shade medium1, St. Moritz, whereas i'm usually shade medium3 in the Nars sheer glow, which means if your really pale then it may not be the best choice, but if you have darker skin than me then this product will be a life saver as it can be so so hard to find dark tinted moisturisers.

So, all in all, there's nothing bad i can really say about this product. I love it, and its definitely my new holy grail base as i rarely ever wear foundation on a day to day basis now that my skin has hugely improved. I'd definitely recommend this if your in the market for a new light base as this does everything you could need in a base product and is just lovely to use.


Thursday, 12 September 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm range

The release of the Maybelline Baby Lips lip balms has been eagerly awaited and a long time coming in the UK, and when they finally hit the shelves of boots and superdrug, everyone went crazy. Even with restock after restock, they still continue to sell out, and there must be a reason why - are they overhyped or are they really worth it? I picked up the whole range to review.

Starting off with the price, as this is really one of the best things about them - the price point really is within everyone's budgets. At only £2.99 each and with them constantly being on 3 for 2 or buy one get one half price, it only cost £12 for all 6 bringing them down to £2 each.

Onto the balms themselves, there are 3 clear lip balms, and 3 tinted balms, with each carrying a different scent. Starting off with the clear balms, there's 'hydrate', an everyday hydrating balm, 'intense care', a more, dare i say it, intense version of hydrate with a creamier formula, and then there's 'mint fresh' which is their minty offering, much like hydrate but with a minty taste and smell, which probably aims to freshen your breath. Out of the three, i like mint fresh the least, as i'm not all that keen on mint but its a nice concept and mint lovers will surely appreciate it. Hydrate is the one i find myself reaching for the most as it smells amazing and hydrates my lips without smothering them in balm, intense care is also lovely but i apply this one is best suited for when my lips are really dry or at night as it has a richer texture. They all have SPF 20 which is great to see from a drugstore balm. They're great to protect your lips from the sun if they're sensitive or they burn.

The tinted balms are the ones i like the least overall, as the colours aren't really for me. 'Cherry me' is the pinky red option and my favourite out of the bunch, it leaves my lips soft and glides over dry patches whilst leaving behind a subtle bitten red kind of look. i find myself reaching for this almost every day at college. 'Peach kiss' is a peachy coloured balm with shimmer, which i think is what puts me off. I love a bit of peach, but the colour is very sheer and the shimmer is quite noticeable. I think the point is to make your lips look shiny and full, but in the sun you can really see the shimmer which isn't my thing - i prefer a matte lip or at most a bit of shine. My least favourite of the bunch is 'pink punch', which is a blue toned pink shade. This one is the most pigmented, and if your pale or cooler toned then this may work for you, but on me it looks very light and too blue. it really does not suit my complexion at all, and it clings to all my dry patches making them look worse. it also seems to have a slightly matter finish than the rest, so i find it the least moisturising. 

All in all, i love the baby lips. Although there are a couple that don't work for me personally in terms of colour, they're all moisturising which is exactly what their purpose is. 4/6 isn't bad, considering i got two free anyway! I do think the hype has been a bit crazy, but i do think its worth it as they're lovely affordable products. I really hope they bring over some more of the shades as there are some which seem amazing, especially the coral offering.

which ones your favourite?


Friday, 6 September 2013

The desk tour + UPDATE!


So, a bit of a different post, and my first one in about a month (i'll get onto that at the end of the post), but i thought i'd share with you one of my favourite parts of my room, other than my wardrobe, which is my desk. My desk houses many wonderful things, my makeup, my skincare, my perfumes  and it also is the place where i get things done and keep myself organised.
So, here's a run through of how i organise everything. To the left you can see a blackboard, i use that to plan out my month in terms of videos and blog posts, and i also note down any really important dates (its even colour coded, that's my inner nerd coming out...). In front of that i just keep my perfumes in a clear muji storage container and also a yankee candle as otherwise i have no way to keep the board up and i really have nowhere else to put them anyway so it works!

In the middle of the desk is where i keep my muji storage drawers which house all my favourite/ everyday makeup essentials, along with a couple extras. I keep things in there so that if i'm in a rush i don't have to search through everything and i know where my favourite things are straight away. I also keep a couple non-makeup everyday essentials on top, and some flowers, of course. 

The tall white stand you see is what houses all my skincare, along with a few jewellery pieces and all the things i want to blog about. I got this from homesense and i think its meant to be for the kitchen to house sauces but it works perfectly to keep all my skincare neat and easy to get to. If you'd like me to go through the muji storage or my skincare collection in more detail in a video then let me know! Inside the drawers of my desk is where i keep all my other makeup, but i already have a makeup collection video up on my youtube which you can check out here.

So that's basically my desk, The lamp, desk and chair are all from ikea, and the blackboard is from ebay. My desk is never usually this neat as i just throw everything and anything onto it but when it is neat its such a productive workspace.

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