Thursday, 12 September 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm range

The release of the Maybelline Baby Lips lip balms has been eagerly awaited and a long time coming in the UK, and when they finally hit the shelves of boots and superdrug, everyone went crazy. Even with restock after restock, they still continue to sell out, and there must be a reason why - are they overhyped or are they really worth it? I picked up the whole range to review.

Starting off with the price, as this is really one of the best things about them - the price point really is within everyone's budgets. At only £2.99 each and with them constantly being on 3 for 2 or buy one get one half price, it only cost £12 for all 6 bringing them down to £2 each.

Onto the balms themselves, there are 3 clear lip balms, and 3 tinted balms, with each carrying a different scent. Starting off with the clear balms, there's 'hydrate', an everyday hydrating balm, 'intense care', a more, dare i say it, intense version of hydrate with a creamier formula, and then there's 'mint fresh' which is their minty offering, much like hydrate but with a minty taste and smell, which probably aims to freshen your breath. Out of the three, i like mint fresh the least, as i'm not all that keen on mint but its a nice concept and mint lovers will surely appreciate it. Hydrate is the one i find myself reaching for the most as it smells amazing and hydrates my lips without smothering them in balm, intense care is also lovely but i apply this one is best suited for when my lips are really dry or at night as it has a richer texture. They all have SPF 20 which is great to see from a drugstore balm. They're great to protect your lips from the sun if they're sensitive or they burn.

The tinted balms are the ones i like the least overall, as the colours aren't really for me. 'Cherry me' is the pinky red option and my favourite out of the bunch, it leaves my lips soft and glides over dry patches whilst leaving behind a subtle bitten red kind of look. i find myself reaching for this almost every day at college. 'Peach kiss' is a peachy coloured balm with shimmer, which i think is what puts me off. I love a bit of peach, but the colour is very sheer and the shimmer is quite noticeable. I think the point is to make your lips look shiny and full, but in the sun you can really see the shimmer which isn't my thing - i prefer a matte lip or at most a bit of shine. My least favourite of the bunch is 'pink punch', which is a blue toned pink shade. This one is the most pigmented, and if your pale or cooler toned then this may work for you, but on me it looks very light and too blue. it really does not suit my complexion at all, and it clings to all my dry patches making them look worse. it also seems to have a slightly matter finish than the rest, so i find it the least moisturising. 

All in all, i love the baby lips. Although there are a couple that don't work for me personally in terms of colour, they're all moisturising which is exactly what their purpose is. 4/6 isn't bad, considering i got two free anyway! I do think the hype has been a bit crazy, but i do think its worth it as they're lovely affordable products. I really hope they bring over some more of the shades as there are some which seem amazing, especially the coral offering.

which ones your favourite?


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