Friday, 6 September 2013

The desk tour + UPDATE!


So, a bit of a different post, and my first one in about a month (i'll get onto that at the end of the post), but i thought i'd share with you one of my favourite parts of my room, other than my wardrobe, which is my desk. My desk houses many wonderful things, my makeup, my skincare, my perfumes  and it also is the place where i get things done and keep myself organised.
So, here's a run through of how i organise everything. To the left you can see a blackboard, i use that to plan out my month in terms of videos and blog posts, and i also note down any really important dates (its even colour coded, that's my inner nerd coming out...). In front of that i just keep my perfumes in a clear muji storage container and also a yankee candle as otherwise i have no way to keep the board up and i really have nowhere else to put them anyway so it works!

In the middle of the desk is where i keep my muji storage drawers which house all my favourite/ everyday makeup essentials, along with a couple extras. I keep things in there so that if i'm in a rush i don't have to search through everything and i know where my favourite things are straight away. I also keep a couple non-makeup everyday essentials on top, and some flowers, of course. 

The tall white stand you see is what houses all my skincare, along with a few jewellery pieces and all the things i want to blog about. I got this from homesense and i think its meant to be for the kitchen to house sauces but it works perfectly to keep all my skincare neat and easy to get to. If you'd like me to go through the muji storage or my skincare collection in more detail in a video then let me know! Inside the drawers of my desk is where i keep all my other makeup, but i already have a makeup collection video up on my youtube which you can check out here.

So that's basically my desk, The lamp, desk and chair are all from ikea, and the blackboard is from ebay. My desk is never usually this neat as i just throw everything and anything onto it but when it is neat its such a productive workspace.


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