Monday, 21 October 2013

Mac 'lightscapade' mineralize skinfinish

In the past when browsing through the mac store, the mineralize skinfinish in 'lightscapade' was never one which caught my eye. The fact that it was almost white in tone with blue flecks made me think it would be far too pale on my skintone as a highlight, and when swatched it never seemed the most pigmented. A few months back i watched one of kate from gh0stparties videos and she mentioned that she was using this product an all over finishing powder, much like the everloved and highly expensive hourglass ambient lighting powders. With that in mind the next time i visited a mac counter, out came my card and into my bag went lightscapade.

Lightscapade, as mentioned earlier, is shimmery pearly white with a very slight yellow/champagne tone, and blue and pink veins running through, which are undetectable once applied. I tend to dust this all over my face to set my makeup, and it just gives my skin a subtle glow and sheen without being too much. That being said, if i use too dense of a brush then it can look a little disco ball like in the t-zone. I don't find it all that effective as a highlight at all, but i definitely think its one to look into if your looking at the ambient lighting powders but they're out of your budget. At £22 its almost half the price of said hourglass powders, so definitely worth trying out. I actually tend to reach for this one more as i'm scared to use the other one up, ha, logic.

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