Sunday, 27 October 2013

My MAC eyeshadow palettes

Over the past year or so i seem to have collected enough mac eyeshadows to fill a whole palette - how this happened i do not know, but it's happened, so i thought i'd share with you the colours which i own! I rarely reach for my big mac eyeshadow palette (the 15 pan one), but my smaller mac eyeshadow palette is something i reach for most days i'm wearing eyeshadow. I'm not too much of an eyeshadow wearer, i much prefer a bold lip, but every now and again i'll have an urge to wear a smokey eye, and now its coming to autumn i think its a look i'll be opting for more and more. Hopefully writing this post and seeing the swatches side by side will give me some inspiration to use them more!

starting off with my big mac palette, going row by row i have: grain, a peachy cream eyeshadow with a satin finish, which is nice as a brow bone highlight, as its quite subtle. next is expensive pink, an eyeshadow i've actually only ever used once. It's a pinky coral shade with gold shimmer running all the way through. in most lights the pink is quite subtle, but i'm still struggling to find a way to wear it! The next eyeshadow is texture, which was originally in my quad but was swapped out as i didn't find myself reaching for it all that much. It's a warm brown shade, similar to that of a light bronzer, which is great for smokey eyes but for everyday i find it a little too warm, especially as i mostly use bronze shades. I do think i'll get a little more use out of it now it's autumn though. Next, amber lights, a warm golden amber shade with a slight bronze tinge to it. this is such a lovely eyeshadow to use all over the lid for the basis of a smokey eye. Following on is one of my favourites, satin taupe. Satin taupe is a grey/purple toned eyeshadow, which can look slightly brown, especially when blended out. This makes it really wearable and a really easy to wear eyeshadow as it creates definition to the lids all on its own. Next up is coppering, a coppery red shade with a lovely shimmer running through it. This one is a great alternative to cranberry if you find cranberry is just too red for you. Speaking of cranberry, it's the next one in my palette. It's a gorgeous purple burgundy shade with an almost pink shimmer to it. It can be quite difficult to wear but it looks particularly lovely all over the lid with sketch or brun in the crease - tutorial? Next up is a bit of a different one for me, Fig. 1. As you can probably tell from the picture it is untouched, but i bought it for the purpose of a tutorial which i have yet to film. It's a muted true purple shade, still bright, but not in your face. Following on is antiqued, which i REALLY do not wear enough. It's a gorgeous coppery dark bronze shade which is perfect for this time of year, and it's one of those shadows you can swipe on, blend and your done. Love. Next up is folie, a warm brown shade, very similar in tone to texture but darker. This is a great crease colour to pair with warmer toned eyeshadows. Onto the final two in this palette, the next one is embark, a dark warm brown shade which in some lights looks like it has a slight purple tinge. Strange but lovely! Finally, one if the most interesting eyeshadows i own, black tied. Black tied is a black eyeshadow with finely milled silver glitter running all the way through it. It looks like it has a slight navy tint to it which makes it even more interesting. This is such a great colour for the party season to make a dark smokey eye more interesting!

So, that's my big palette, next onto my quad where i put 4 of my every day colours. First up is retrospeck,  a super shimmery champagne pearl colour with a slight green leaning to it. It's not actually green, but i can definitely see a little green in it. I love it all over the lid to brighten the eye, or as a brow bone and inner corner highlight. Next is wedge, my go to crease colour. It's a slightly cool toned light brown which can be built up slightly darker. I think this would be a great brow colour for light-mid brown haired people. Next is my brow colour, brun. Its a dark neutral toned brown. This is my perfect brow shade as it makes my eyebrows look full and defined but not harsh. This is also what i use in the crease when i want a darker crease. Finally, woodwinked. Woodwinked is a great all over the lid colour, as it does all the work for you. It's a highly pigmented light bronze/brown shade with golden shimmer running through it. Once blended out you can really see the bronze/brown at the edges which helps to define the eye all by itself. Definitely one of my favourites.

I hope this has given you a little inspiration into what eyeshadows you might want to try from mac! Let me know any of your favourites as there are a fair few i have my eye on!


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