Monday, 28 October 2013

Oribe dry texturizing spray

I didn't think i'd like this little can of expensive spray as much as i do, but unfortunately, I really like it. Really really like it.

The oribe dry texturizing spray is a kind of dry shampoo/hairspray/texurizing spray hybrid which basically gives your hair a huge dose of volume and texture whilst removing any grease whilst its at it. Due to the ridiculously high price tag, i vowed to only use this on important occasions or bad hair days, but its somehow worked its way into my daily hair routine. What i love about it is that it's great for fixing any hair problems. I mainly use this when i've just washed my hair, when its flat, soft, fluffy and ridiculously difficult to style. I focus the spray in my roots and fringe area as this is where the main problem lies, and afterwards i'm left with messy but not unruly, texturised hair. This spray gives the hair a bit of grit and hold like that of 2nd or 3rd day hair, which is when my hair styles the best, but without the horrible greasiness. The holding properties help to keep the hair is place once its been poofed to perfection, so i don't find i really need to top up during the day, just re-poof. As it's also a dry shampoo, it's great for removing the grease from my hair, but its completely clear, so it doesn't give my dark hair a horrid grey tinge like other dry shampoos do. This product is a saviour as washing my hair is such a chore, so it means i can go that little bit longer between washes without worrying that i look like i don't own a shower. It also means that when it does come to hair washing day, I don't have to worry about having a fluffball on my hair for the day to follow.

The only downside? The high price tag. This little bottle cost £18, and the full size costs a whopping £38. That's a lot for for whats basically a fancy hairspray. Regardless of this, i know i'll be buying the full size pretty soon and keeping this little one as a handbag essential, as now I've used it i know i can't be without it in my routine. It's safe to say this has pretty much made it up to holy grail status. Sigh, why couldn't i have hated it?

What do you think of the oribe dry texturizing spray? is it love or is it overhyped?

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