Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Body Shop 'colour crush' lipstick shade 110

I've never really taken an interest in the body shop. It's one of those places that I've always thought is expensive for no reason so although i do like some of their products, i never really bother with it. I recently decided to check it out due to seeing a few bloggers mention some of there products, namely the bronzer, and was pleasantly surprised by what i found.

The new colour crush lipstick line is made up of 24 super pigmented glossy shades, and with shades ranging from reds to pinks to oranges to nudes, there really does seem to be a colour for everyone. They've brought out some really modern bright shades which i wouldn't normally expect from the body shop. The colour i chose was the shade 110, a gorgeous muted peachy coral shade which is a great every day shade for me.
The formula of these lipsticks is great, they contain cherry seed oil and marula oil which help to condition the lips and mean that the lipsticks all glide on with ease and don't cling to any dry patches.

Recently my lips have been extremely dry, to the extent where i could hardly wear any lip products because they all looked terrible over the dry flakey patches, but this lipstick was a saviour as it masked the dry patches and the glossy finish meant they didn't dry out more.

At £10 each they aren't the cheapest of lipsticks, but for the quality i definitely recommend them and can see myself buying a few more colours from the range.

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