Friday, 22 November 2013

Pieces i'm loving #1 + update

trends i'm loving #1
I've just made a polyvore account as i want to start sharing with you some pieces/trends i'm loving lately and cannot wait to incorporate into my outfits. A couple of these pieces i own; the checked zara dress, the faux fur jacket and items similar to the cream jumper, the skort and the tartan scarf. the rest are very high up on my wishlist and will be purchased asap, when i have some spare money for myself (ah christmas)!
Leather, fur, tartan, lingerie style clothing, monochrome and dark colours are all things i'm loving for the autumn and i'm sure i'll love these styles through to the winter too.
Although i love beauty, fashion is something i'm much more interested in at the moment, so whilst i'll still be doing reviews on here and tutorials and beauty videos on my youtube, i'm going to make an effort to film more lookbooks/OOTD's and post more fashion on here too. Makeup is something i don't bother with every day so it's not always interesting to post about, but fashion - i love to dress up!

I'm in the process of cutting down my makeup and getting rid of some of my clothes as a capsule wardrobe and makeup collection is something i lust for as it makes everything so much more simple. Check out my depop (@xodjosells) and my ebay (crypticcultclothing) as i'll be selling things on there a few times a week, loads of things currently up on depop!

Anyway, let me know how you feel about this change! It won't make much difference, except it will mean i'll be able to post more frequently when i think about it. 

Thursday, 21 November 2013

What's on my face #3

Another whats on my face post, this one a little more catered to the chilly weather your having. Autumn is a time when i start bringing out the darker shades, and this look definitely reflects that. I've whipped out my ysl touché eclat foundation, and paired with the bobbi brown corrector and concealer, it makes a pretty flawless, natural yet glowing base - love! Nars liberté blush is another favourite of mine, i haven't been able to stop wearing it over the past few weeks as its just the perfect autumn blush to warm up the face but it still has the red tones to it which makes it a little more autumnal. This lip combo is new to my collection, but i love it and have worn it a few times already. This lipstick is a great dark lipstick to wear if you don't want a berry toned red as there are no berry tones in sight. I also tried out my new topshop magic liner, which is actually a really great liner. I've never really tried anything other than my collection 2000 extreme felt tip liner but this definitely trumps it. it's so easy to use as the nib is so fine, definitely one for the cack handed among us!

products used:
Yves Saint Laurent le teint touché eclat foundation // Bobbi Brown corrector peach // Bobbi Brown creamy concealer natural // Rimmel stay matte powder // Hourglass brow sculpting pencil dark brown // ELF wet gloss lash and brow clear mascara // Clinique chubby stick for eyes in fuller fudge // Topshop magic liner // Revlon grow luscious mascara // Nars laguna bronzer // Nars liberté blush // Estee Lauder powder gelée in heatwave // Mac burgundy lip pencil // Mac media lipstick


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Living proof straight styling spray a.k.a a frizzy haired girls best friend

As winter creeps upon us, comes with it the damp mornings and light showers. All this plays major havoc with my hair, as even with an umbrella there's no avoiding some kind of frizz occurring. i recently picked up the living proof straight styling spay in a bid to rid me of frizz, and i have to say so far it's doing the trick. Living proof straight spray aims to protect hair against humidity to stop frizz and decrease the amount of styling you need to do over the week, and repel grime so that you can go longer between washing your hair. Although i don't find this product to help when i'm rained on, it definitely helps protect my hair from the damp, humid or muggy air, and it also helps to keep my style in place so that i don't need to straighten my hair every single morning, and that, for me, is a great result. It can also be used on wet or dry hair, so if i need to re-straighten my hair at all, i can top up with this again. I have to say i can't be 100% sure that it helps you go longer between washes, as i use this in conjunction with the living proof prime style extender which is also meant to help with that, but i do know that with the current haircare routine i'm in, i only have to wash my hair once or twice a week! Perfect for a lazy girl like me.
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