Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Living proof straight styling spray a.k.a a frizzy haired girls best friend

As winter creeps upon us, comes with it the damp mornings and light showers. All this plays major havoc with my hair, as even with an umbrella there's no avoiding some kind of frizz occurring. i recently picked up the living proof straight styling spay in a bid to rid me of frizz, and i have to say so far it's doing the trick. Living proof straight spray aims to protect hair against humidity to stop frizz and decrease the amount of styling you need to do over the week, and repel grime so that you can go longer between washing your hair. Although i don't find this product to help when i'm rained on, it definitely helps protect my hair from the damp, humid or muggy air, and it also helps to keep my style in place so that i don't need to straighten my hair every single morning, and that, for me, is a great result. It can also be used on wet or dry hair, so if i need to re-straighten my hair at all, i can top up with this again. I have to say i can't be 100% sure that it helps you go longer between washes, as i use this in conjunction with the living proof prime style extender which is also meant to help with that, but i do know that with the current haircare routine i'm in, i only have to wash my hair once or twice a week! Perfect for a lazy girl like me.

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