Friday, 22 November 2013

Pieces i'm loving #1 + update

trends i'm loving #1
I've just made a polyvore account as i want to start sharing with you some pieces/trends i'm loving lately and cannot wait to incorporate into my outfits. A couple of these pieces i own; the checked zara dress, the faux fur jacket and items similar to the cream jumper, the skort and the tartan scarf. the rest are very high up on my wishlist and will be purchased asap, when i have some spare money for myself (ah christmas)!
Leather, fur, tartan, lingerie style clothing, monochrome and dark colours are all things i'm loving for the autumn and i'm sure i'll love these styles through to the winter too.
Although i love beauty, fashion is something i'm much more interested in at the moment, so whilst i'll still be doing reviews on here and tutorials and beauty videos on my youtube, i'm going to make an effort to film more lookbooks/OOTD's and post more fashion on here too. Makeup is something i don't bother with every day so it's not always interesting to post about, but fashion - i love to dress up!

I'm in the process of cutting down my makeup and getting rid of some of my clothes as a capsule wardrobe and makeup collection is something i lust for as it makes everything so much more simple. Check out my depop (@xodjosells) and my ebay (crypticcultclothing) as i'll be selling things on there a few times a week, loads of things currently up on depop!

Anyway, let me know how you feel about this change! It won't make much difference, except it will mean i'll be able to post more frequently when i think about it. 

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