Monday, 30 December 2013

Smokey eye essentials

Its party season and that means lots of smokey eye occasions. A smokey eye can be hard to perfect or even start to tackle, so i thought i'd give you a run down of my favourite tools and shadows for a smokey eye. Pens at the ready.

Brushes are a major part in getting your smokey eye just right, and i rely on 5 to complete the job.
h&m fluffy eyeshadow brush - for washing colour all over the lid and outer v. Blends the edges as it deposits colour.
boots fluffy eyeshadow brush - another one with no name, sorry about that. this one is slightly smaller than the h&m favourite and is great for putting colour right where you want it in the outer corner and crease.
real techniques base shadow brush - also great for crease work and smudging eyeshadow along the lower lashline. Can also be used to pack colour onto the lid.
mac 239 - for adding shadow to the top and bottom lashline to thicken lashes. works particularly well at creating a subtle eyeshadow cat flick.
mac 217 - you didn't think i could write about smokey eyes without mentioning this one did you? a must have brush, especially great for blending out all the edges, but can also be used for all the other jobs too if you have a couple on hand. love.

prepping the lid
I'm not big on eyeshadow primer, applying a little concealer all over the lid seems to do the trick for me, but if you need a little more staying power then using a cream eyeshadow as a base works wonders.
For matte smokey eyes - Mac groundwork paint pot is a light brown colour which works well to counteract any redness, hide veins and add some colour to the lid ready for your smokey eye, its also a great one to have in your collection to add definition on minimal makeup days! If your smokey eye is going to be cool toned, then the maybelline colour tattoo in permanent taupe would be a great option too. This would also work great for purple smokey eyes.
For bronze smokey eyes - mac eclair paint pot is my one cream eyeshadow love, its warm deep bronze/brown colour looks great with any makeup look, but unfortunately it is limited edition. If you have it, pop it on to enhance your smokey eye, but if not, i'm sure mac do similar bronze shades. The maybelline colour tattoo in on and on bronze is a more taupe toned bronze but works in the same way.
For black smokey eyes - The maybelline colour tattoo in timeless black is a great opaque black cream shadow with extremely subtle navy shimmer. its great used as a base or as a cream liner. you can also sheer it out to make it more grey.
Olive or cranberry/copper smokey eyes - for a green toned look, i opt for the bourjois colour edition eyeshadow in the khaki tone. Mine has no name on it, so unfortunately i cannot tell you what its actually called. oops. It's a lovely khaki green with gold shimmer which makes it very wearable. If your opting for a more burgundy toned eye look then the maybelline colour tattoo in metallic pomegranate is a cranberry shade with silver shimmer which works great with MAC cranberry or coppering.

Now, when it comes to eyeshadows, most brands have some great shades available. Palette wise, The naked palettes are a great place to start if your just trialing smokey eyes, with the naked 2 palette being my favourite, or the naked basics if you prefer mattes. Nars are also great at their eyeshadows, and the limited edition palettes 'fairys kiss', 'ride up to the moon' and 'and god created the woman' all contain excellent shades to create a range of smokey eye looks. If your looking to customise your colour combination slightly more, then MAC is the place to look. For smokey eyes, i love black tied, woodwinked, coppering, cranberry, amber lights, antiqued paired with brun, wedge or folie to smoke it out.

Eyeliner and mascara
Eyeliner and mascara play a big part in completing your smokey eye. A sweep of eyeliner across your top lashline will work to thicken lashes and finish off your whole look. I love the topshop magic liner and the collection extreme felt tip liner, as they're both felt tip nibbed liners which are extremely easy to use. On the waterline adding in something like the rimmel scandaleyes kohl in bronze can really help to make the look more sultry.
As for mascara, if you arent using false lashes then you will need lashings of it to create volume and length, My favourites for this are revlon grow luscious and l'oreal volume million lashes. They're both great at creating volume and length in only one or two coats.

Lastly, i wanted to give a quick mention to the brows. With a smokey eye, filling in your brows is essential to make sure they stand out against the dark eyeshadow, but at the same time - don't go overboard, they aren't the star of the show.

Hopefully this has helped you out of a smokey eye rut and made the whole ordeal a little bit simplier and seamless!

Friday, 13 December 2013

Current wishlist

current wishlist
Lately, i have been amazing at saving money - if i do say so myself. All this has meant I've built up quite a wishlist, so i thought i'd share with you my most wanted. I've asked for a few for Christmas, and the rest i will definitely be buying myself, so expect outfit posts and reviews!

These coated leigh jeans are something which i feel i really need in my wardrobe. with it being so cold out, 80% of the time i'll be wearing some form of jean or trouser, so having these would mean i can wear a pair of jeans whilst still feeling put together. The check trousers are also a 100% necessity to me, the perfect partner to a cosy jumper or black crop top and furry jacket.

The jeffrey cambell scullys are an unlikely purchase, as i'm trying to only buy things i know i'll get the use out of, which is allowing me to invest in more expensive pieces and i feel like this is the best way to be! I have asked for these for christmas though, but sadly i don't think they'll be here in time (boo).

The velvet dress and pvc skirt are both from missguided, a site i fall more and more in love with by the day. The velvet dress is a top contender for either my Christmas or new years outfit, and will be in my grasps as soon as its back in stock! Paired with a red lip, which will be fulfilled by a ysl glossy stain no less, and i'm good to go. The PVC skirt is another *i need it in my wardrobe right now* item as i think it looks so chic paired with a pastel jumper like in the picture, and its a pretty good bargain!

Finally, the fur jacket. The one i have my eyes on is from sheinside, but due to the fact i don't think i can wait that long, i think i'm going to have to look elsewhere! or maybe i should just be less impatient...

what are you lusting after lately?


MAC chili lipstick

Mac chili is a lipstick I've loved for a long time, i'm shocked i haven't reviewed it yet! Chili is a brownish orange toned red, a bit deeper than the likes of russian red and a lot more warm toned. I find this sort of shade compliments my warm tanned skin tone well, but i can also see it looking stunning on paler girls.It's a matte finish lipstick with a smooth, buttery formula which means it glides over the lips easily although i will say a lip balm is necessary underneath so that dry patches aren't accentuated. Chili is a great lipstick choice if you don't want to have to keep touching up, as i find this lasts an extremely long time on the lips. Once it has set it just doesn't budge! Even with eating and drinking i'd say it lasts about 4 hours, although there will be some fading. This is my current go to daytime red lip as there's something quite autumnal and effortless about it. The brown tones on it mean it isn't too bright which is perfect for the day time.  I was hoping to do a lip swatch, but unfortunately i'm having some problems with awfully chapped lips at the moment, so here is a great photo i found online.


Thursday, 12 December 2013

NARS laguna bronzer

Its a late one, but i've had these photos of my favourite bronzer, NARS laguna, sat on my laptop for months now, so its about time i blogged about it (lazy blogger problems)! Nars laguna is a bronzer which i'm sure you've heard about, so i won't go on about it too much, but i'd describe it as a warm toned brown which is not orange in the slightest, and is a great multi use product. For me, i can use this for contouring, to warm up the outer perimeters of my face, or very lightly dusted all over for a subtle warmth. Most people describe this as a matte bronzer, but there is a very subtle gold micro shimmer running through it, which is mostly undetectable, but under the autumn sun, can be quite obvious if you use a lot. For this reason i would say this is more of a spring/summer bronzer if you want to use it more for contouring reasons. For me this is the perfect bronzing shade, and i would say its suitable for most skin tones, but if you have quite pale pink toned skin then i do not think this would work for you, but for more yellow toned pale girls, don't be afraid of it! Overall i think it's a stable to have in your collection, and i'm not sure what i did before it!

Monday, 2 December 2013

Faux fur, leather and coltranes

Faux fur jacket - H&M // t shirt - zara // scarf - zara // trousers - topshop (a year or so ago) // boots - jeffrey campbell coltranes // lipstick - mac ronnie red (LE)

About 6 months ago i completely sorted out my clothes and bagged a load up to sell on ebay, but until now i never had a chance to actually go it. When sorting through the mounds of clothing i came across these faux leather trousers from topshop which were too small for me last year, and as i could not bare to part with them i tried them on again in the hope they would now fit, and what do you know - they did! I've worn them numerous times since then as they're so comfy and casual, yet they make a simple outfit a little more interesting. This faux fur jacket was a great investment as I've worn it at least a few times a week. It's so so warm and cosy but not too heavy so its perfect for the really cold but not freezing weather we're having. This scarf is another new addition, my boyfriend bought it for me as an early christmas present a few days ago as i've been eyeing it up for weeks, and it has not been taken off since (except when inside, obviously...), chuffed with it!

My boyfriend flat is the perfect place to take indoor outfit pictures so hopefully i will be able to post a lot more even when its awful weather outside - so stay tuned! xxxx
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