Thursday, 12 December 2013

NARS laguna bronzer

Its a late one, but i've had these photos of my favourite bronzer, NARS laguna, sat on my laptop for months now, so its about time i blogged about it (lazy blogger problems)! Nars laguna is a bronzer which i'm sure you've heard about, so i won't go on about it too much, but i'd describe it as a warm toned brown which is not orange in the slightest, and is a great multi use product. For me, i can use this for contouring, to warm up the outer perimeters of my face, or very lightly dusted all over for a subtle warmth. Most people describe this as a matte bronzer, but there is a very subtle gold micro shimmer running through it, which is mostly undetectable, but under the autumn sun, can be quite obvious if you use a lot. For this reason i would say this is more of a spring/summer bronzer if you want to use it more for contouring reasons. For me this is the perfect bronzing shade, and i would say its suitable for most skin tones, but if you have quite pale pink toned skin then i do not think this would work for you, but for more yellow toned pale girls, don't be afraid of it! Overall i think it's a stable to have in your collection, and i'm not sure what i did before it!

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