Sunday, 7 September 2014

A Casual Saturday: Plain White Tee

Hello everyone! Long time no see. Its no longer summer, boo, but whilst inside all day in the warmth I'm making the most of summer dressing. Today was basically a work day, so i just threw on a comfy outfit to persuade me to get out of my pyjamas. The shoes were never worn, but were what i would have put on if i ventured outside...

Ps. If you're wondering what my 'work' is, i'm working hard on building up my new intimates line, Oh So Lovely... I needed a change from making clothes! If you'd like to check out our instagram, its @ohsolovelyintimates. Exciting!

Pps. Sorry for being away for so long! Making the most of summer and all that. Back to the reality of college tomorrow. Sigh. I will be posting a lot more outfit photos on here and doing more lookbooks, as the reality of it is, although i love makeup i just don't buy/wear it enough anymore!


Friday, 15 August 2014

The Summer Essentials.

Its summer, finally! I know i'm a little (very) late on this one, but come summertime there are products i come back to time and time again to get myself through the scorching heat(well, scorching for England).

First up, as everyone knows, SPF in summer is essential. I tend to wear it all year round but in summer i crank it up a knotch and bring out the 30's and 50's. Day to day if i'm not going to be out much i'll wear The Body Shop Vitamin C Moisturiser SPF 30 as its nice and nourishing but not too heavy or greasy for the summer, and it gives your skin a lovely natural glow whilst also protecting you from the suns rays. If i'm going to be out and about in the sun all day then the Kiehls Ultra Light UV Defense gets thrown on for some SPF 50 protection. Its lightweight and sinks in quickly, and if you have more combination/oily skin you could probably get away with using this alone as your moisturiser. Obviously body SPF is a must too, but i don't really have a preference. Garnier tend to be the best i've found and i always go for the spray variety in around SPF 30.

With the current weather we're having ive very rarely been wearing jeans, which means along with keeping up with the leg shaving, moisturising my legs is a step I've been trying not to forget. I'm extremely lazy when it comes to moisturising, so i stick to using the Vaseline Spray and Go body moisturiser as its quick and easy to apply and rub in. Its not the most moistursing but it does the trick, and the Aloe Vera version is great for soothing your skin after being in the sun.

A spray toner/ water is not so much a necessity, but an essential for me. Whether it just be in the morning to start off my skincare routine and wake me up or to spritz on throughout the day to refresh i like to have one on hand at all times. The Antipodes Ananda Antioxidant toner is my current toner of choice as its lightweight but really wakes up the skin, giving it a small dose of moisture. Its lovely to spritz throughout the day too if my skin is feeling a little lacklustre. If its super hot or you're at the beach, the Avene Thermal Spring water is the one you want. its essentially just incredibly overpriced water in a can, but it comes out in a fine cold mist which really helps to refresh and soothe. Its a godsend for hot or sunburnt skin too calm it down too!

Finally, makeup. I could make a whole post dedicated to summer makeup (in fact, i probably will) but a few essentials for me are a bronzer upper, a lightweight base, a glow giver, a peachy lipstick and a something punchy and bright. The Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua is a firm favourite as it covers but still feels lightweight on the skin, with the This Works Perfect Look Skin Miracle underneath to prime and give me a natural all over warmth the Nars Multiple in South Beach is perfect for giving a glow along with a natural looking tan, and for lips Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Liberté and Nars Schiap for a bright pink/ Mac Korean Kandy for a bright orange are the ones.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

An Instagram Catch-Up.

I thought an instagram catchup was in order seeing as i've been posting rather a lot over there and not on here! I must say my life isn't overly interesting as i've mainly been visiting my boyfriend and working on my lingerie/clothing line, but hey, heres whats been going on with me.

1// An & Other Stories haul from my trip to london. Great shop, wish we had it here!

2// My new Sunflower Shorts from Asos which are actually pretty difficult to style.

3// Lola's cupcakes. Amazing but very expensive - this teeny tiny was about £1.50!

4// OOTD galore!

5// In love with Nars 'Schiap' Lipstick. The perfect bright pink!

6// An Asos haul featuring a lovely yet untrue leotard and those printed shorts.

7// Loving this little cactus guy. Too cute.

8// Surviving on Cappuccinos at the moment.

9// A wardrobe clear-out happened. I posted about it here.

10// Daily essentials - Good undies and pretty makeup is a must.

11// Selfies galore!

12// My beautiful new Triangl Bikini, in love! Now i need to go on holiday!

13// Whistles sale was very good. Picked up this beauty of a makeup bag, perfect timing before visiting my boyfriend.

14// A look from my summer lookbook which you can watch here!

15// Cute topshop undies. Can you tell i have a thing for cute underwear?

16// Jo Malone Nectarine Blosson & Honey is my current favourite sent. lovely jubbly.

17// AMAZING Burger and mint lemonade. Need to go back ASAP.

18// Numerous Bobbi Brown Purchases for me and the Mother.


Wednesday, 13 August 2014

5 Reasons to have a wardrobe clear-out & some tips.

Organising things is probably up there in my top 5 things to do, its just so refreshing to have a clear out and ensure everything is neat and tidy. I'm not this way with everything, but i do like to make sure i have a wardrobe re-jig and clear out at least every season. Here are some reasons why you should do the same and some tips to help you along the way to a cleaner, clearer wardrobe space! These tips could of course be applied to anything, like your makeup collection, but i may make a separate post on that. Anna also recently made a video (here) all about this is you'd like some extra helpful pointers other than mine.
  1. A wardrobe clear out means you can see what you actually have in your wardrobe. Keeping clothes 'just in case' often leaves you with a ton of clothes which you won't wear, and no space to add in things which you will wear. Having only clothes you love in your wardrobe is really refreshing and makes getting ready 10x easier and more enjoyable.
  2. You may find and remember some clothes you loved and forgot about. Every time i have a sort out i find something and remember how much use i got out of it, giving me inspiration for more outfits and meaning i actually get use out of all of my clothes.
  3. Its a chance to try out new outfit combinations you normally wouldn't try due to not wanting to rummage through everything. I find this especially handy with fashion blogging - i used my recent clear out to give me inspiration for outfit posts i could put together and just outfit combinations which i wouldn't usually reach for due to being used to wearing the same clothes over and over out of ease. 
  4. You can see where the gaps are in your wardrobe, so that you can add in any pieces which you think would fit in well. When you have an abundance of clothes you never seem to think there may be something you actually need in your wardrobe, but its surprising when you have a clear out how many pieces you feel like you are lacking in. Before i went to London i had a clear out and realised i was in dire need of more plain skirts, so i picked up the American Apparel Tennis Skirt in white i had been lusting after but not wanting to spend the money on due to having a load of other skirts(which i just didn't wear).
  5. A wardrobe clear out is a great way to make some money. You never really realise how much money you have lying around in clothes you don't wear, until you get selling. Good ol' eBay and now Depop are great to use when you want to get rid of some old things, as you're sure to find a better home for them and make some money in the process, rather than having them sitting around collecting dust. Anything that doesn't sell you can give to charity, which is always a good feeling. I've currently got three big piles of clothes i need to stick on Depop from this clear out, and its nice to see my rail relatively empty! 
And heres what to do:
  • Take EVERYTHING out of your wardrobe. Even all the things on shelves/in drawers. This means you can really see just how much you have, and then you can build your wardrobe again from scratch.
  • Make some piles. I tend to make a keep pile, a maybe pile, a winter pile, a sell pile and a charity pile. Along with having a bin bag for clothes which just need binning! This way i can immediately see what i want to keep and know i wear, what i know i'll wear come wintertime, and what i definitely will never wear again. 
  • Once your left with the maybe pile, try on some of the clothes to see if you feel comfortable in them and if they're very 'you'. I often find i buy into trends, wear them once and then never wear them again as they're just not me. Its horrible to get rid of practically brand new things, but sometimes it just has to be done. If there are multiples of things in the maybe pile, such as a couple of shirts or dresses which are pretty similar, i tend to keep the one i like the most and get rid of the other, as if i'm unsure of it i definitely don't need two of it. 
  • Have a look at the things in the maybe pile, and have a think if there is anything on your wishlist similar which you'd much rather purchase. I know i'm lusting over the larger Whistles clutch bag, so once i've sold a couple of my clutches i barely use i'm going to pick one up stat.
  • Put everything back in some kind of order. Some people colour code, some people use sections for different items. I go for the latter. This way when i'm getting ready i can choose something from each section. I don't colour code these sections as i tend to have a mix of colours. This again also helps me to see if i'm lacking in anything. About a year ago i could see that i had a HUGE amount of bottoms, but barely any tops to pair with them. Now roles seem to have reversed and i'm in dire need of some new trousers! 
Hopefully this has helped to inspire you to have a clear out yourself. Let me know if you make any progress!


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

A Base Combination Perfect for Summer.

I've never before realised why people mixed foundations. It always seemed like too much faff for me, i'd rather just slap it on without too much thought. Recently i realised how much i'd been neglecting my Dior BB creme due to the shade being too dark and pink, so i mixed it with my chanel Vitalumiere Aqua to pale it down a little, and thats when the magic happened...

The Dior BB creme was a favourite of mine last summer, but due to it being slightly too dark and pink it left me looking a little burnt so required a lot of work to make it look natural. The finish though is perfect for summer - lightweight with a satin finish, much more matte than your usual tinted moisturiser but with a good medium coverage. The Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua is quite different, this is actually more of a winter shade for me, so without any bronzer can look a little pale, but not pale enough to go up to the next shade. The finish is dewy and natural, with more of a light but buildable coverage. Mixed together the two make the perfect summer base for me: The shade is spot on, the finish is dewy in all the right places but still stays put all day long due to the slightly matte finish of the Dior, and it gives me the coverage i need without being heavy or detectable. All in all its a pretty dreamy combination.

If you have a foundation thats not quite right for you, whether its down to the finish or shade, i'd really suggest mixing it with a foundation you love and i bet you'll come up with a combination you just can't stop wearing. A little more faff yes, but i hate wasting product so this is the perfect way to make sure nothing gets neglected.

Monday, 11 August 2014

A weekend in London.

So on friday i headed up to London for a couple days there with the boyfriend. The weekend was planned around going to see Anberlin on the friday night at The Electric Ballroom in Camden (amazing venue!) as it was their last gig and my boyfriend is obsessed! The first day was mainly spent exploring and having lunch before heading down to the gig, and then the next day we did a little more shopping and exploring and of course ate more food!

On friday we had lunch/dinner at The Diner in Covent Garden, but both ended up getting breakfast meals as we hadn't really eaten breakfast. One word - Amazing. The last time i visited london i has brekkie at The Breakfast Club and really wasn't a fan of their pancakes at all, but these ones were seriously the best I've tried. So light and fluffy yet sweet and filling. They were the kind of pancakes which you could eat forever and not feel ill afterward eating. To beef it up a little i went for the version that came with bacon and eggs which were both perfectly cooked and really complimented the sweetness of the pancakes, and it was of course all topped off with a good dose of proper maple syrup. My boyfriend went for the Full English Breakfast which was also super tasty - I may have stolen one of the mushrooms. Mmm.

The following day we ate a lot more food but i only ended up snapping our meal at Bill's. We again went for breakfast but this time it was actually morning. I went for the Eggs Royale whilst he went for the Eggs Benedict. I've never had Eggs Royale before but it was the perfect savoury breakfast meal. Everything was cooked perfectly and full of amazing flavours, so i'd definitely recommend heading down there if you have the chance. Along with Bill's we ate at Patty & Bun which i ate in such a hurry that i forgot to snap (bad blogger!). The burgers were great, big and greasy but in a good way, with lots of toppings and flavours. Very cheesy, meaty and saucy! If you live in Bournemouth its very very similar to The Burger Shop - in decor and food. I did feel a little ill after the burger though as i think i'd ate too much and they were very rich, oops.

London is great and perfect for a weekend away full of experiences, but i definitely don't think i could live there. The touristy parts (westminster) really stressed me out and oxford street is just too busy for my liking, but covent garden and carnaby street were lovely places to be. We spent majority of the time in Covent Garden as luckily our hotel was there, there are so many little lanes and streets to walk down and a huge range of shops to visit. A visit to Lola's cupcakes was made after seeing it multiple times on different bloggers instagrams and Monmouth Coffee is now 100% my favourite coffee place. The best coffee i've ever tried, so rich and full tasting. Back in Carnaby street i had to visit Ben's Cookies again - Usually the second time eating something isn't as great as the first, but they are still such tasty cookies. Go for the Chocolate and Praline, you won't be disappointed!

For all you beauty lovers i'm filming a 'Whats in my travel makeup bag' video which will be up on my youtube on thursday, but for skincare i brought only the necessities. Oskia Renaissance Cleansing gel as its hydrating and refreshing, A Micellar water to remove my makeup, Korres Wild Rose Eye Cream for day and Kiehl's Avacado Eye Cream for night, The Body Shop Vitamin C moisturiser for day cream and SPF in one, and a little oil sample to use at night. And of course my La Roche Posay Cicaplast Levres comes with me everywhere.

I wish i had stayed in London longer so i could have explored it a little more and eaten in more places, so i'm sure i'll be back soon enough!

Friday, 1 August 2014

Finding The Perfect Nude #1 | Burberry Lip Cover no.11

Finding the perfect nude is rather a hard task. All of the most loved nudes in the blogging world are either too pale, too pink or just not right for my skin tone. For example, Mac patisserie and shy girl just make me look washed out. So, i have been embarking on a quest to find the perfect nude lipstick for my skin tone, and my first new found love is the Burberry Lip Cover in Antique rose, no.11.

This lipstick isn't really your typical nude, but more a 'my lips but nuder' shade. It's definitely more on the pinky end of the scale, but does a good job at muting down the lips whilst giving them a bit of colour. In terms of formula, its pretty much opaque and leaves a satin finish on the lips, not matte, but not sheeny either and it really stays put. I'd say this lasts a good 4 or so hours on me before i feel the need to re-apply. If you're around my skin tone then this will be a great subtle everyday lipstick for you, but even if you're paler or darker i can see it being a universally beautiful looking lipstick. The thing i really do love the most about burberry lipsticks has to be the packaging. They're so luxe and sophisticated, everything down to the simple embossing and magnetic closure - they really do know the way to my heart. Being a high end brand they're rather expensive, but being cheaper than Chanel means i don't feel so bad buying a couple...

So, if you've been having the same struggle as me, then maybe this post has helped to point you in the right direction. I've got a couple other nudes lined up which fit other criteria, so stay tuned!


Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Sunday Throw On Makeup.

Sundays are for relaxing, so half the time i'm not even wearing makeup, but if i feel like i need to get a little bit more 'ready', in case i need to pop into town or run errands, then this throw on makeup look is my current go to. Of course this routine isn't strictly for Sundays, you could use it whenever you're just really not feeling a full face of makeup.

First up, something to even out skintone and brighten up those under-eyes. A necessity especially if you've had a couple of late nights over the weekend. The Origins Vitazing moisturizer is a do it all step - A moisturiser with added SPF and a smidgen of coverage which just helps to even everything out whilst giving you a natural glow. Then to cover up those bags i throw on the Maybelline The Eraser Eye concealer as its lightweight and sheer, helping to brighten, cover and moisturise without being too heavy.

Onto brows and i'll usually pencil them in a little with my favourite from Hourglass, but if i'm feeling super lazy then the Benefit Gimme Brow does the job all on its own. It brushes them into shape and keeps them in place whilst helping them to appear thicker and fuller. The tint is subtle but makes a huge difference.

Cheeks wise i don't go for anything too crazy, this is throw on makeup after all. A sweep of bronzer does the trick and recently I've been loving this new release from Bobbi Brown - The Brightening Blush in Bronze. Its limited edition so you'll have to snap it up quick, but its the perfect product to sweep on for a minimal makeup look. The finely milled powder feels super soft on the cheeks, giving you a lovely bronze glow due to the minimal shimmer throughout. The blush colour doesn't show up all too much on me but just helps the cheeks to look brighter and perk up the complexion so its a little less flat.

Finally i slick on the L'oreal Volume Million Lashes mascara (as always) and apply a little of the Dior Lip Glow to hydrate the lips and give them a little bit of natural colour (The way it works is amazing, reacting with your lips to create a natural shade akin to your natural lip colour but brighter) and i'm done!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

To Vlog or not to Vlog?

For a while now i've been pondering vlogging, and the pros and cons of giving it a go. I've been really enjoying watching vlogs recently from youtubers such as Hello October, Vivianna Does Makeup and Lily Pebbles, and although my life is far from interesting, there are often times when i think - this would make for a great vlog! I've just purchased the Canon EOS M as a carry around camera and for when i go to visit my boyfriend in devon so i can still film and do blog posts, so i'm now well equipped should i ever decide to give it go.

With summer being well and truly upon us (this heat wave is just crazy) and me being off college, now would be as good a time as any to embark on a vlogging journey, but something keeps putting me off. I feel like instead of actually enjoying what you're doing and really being in the moment, you'd be worried about capturing it all on camera and really just end up experiencing things from behind a screen. There are moments which i'd love to capture on camera to look back at, but at the same time really enjoying myself and having those memories may be more valuable. I may give it a go on the odd occasion, as i love to capture things through photographs already, and vlogging is just the next step. I know in a year or two to come, looking back on what i did would be such a great experience, i can't imagine it being too bad/stressful really? I've never done it before so who knows, i may love it! If you enjoy vlogs or vlog yourself let me know your thoughts and how easy it really is to do, or if you find it a hassle! A bit of a rant post but hey, i hope it was somewhat enjoying to read all the same! Oh and do let me know if you'd watch my vlogs!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

The Style Post: Jeans in Summer?

Now recently in England we've been experiencing a bit of a heat wave making jeans a bit of a no go so pretty bad timing on my part with this post, but hey you never know with England when the weather will turn back to dull and grey. Jeans are often seen as a bit of an autumn/winter thing but i think if you choose the right pair and wear them with the right things, they can work for summer too! Perfect for those summer days where its hot but a little windy or temperamental.

These two pairs are from Topshop - The top pair are the printed Leigh's everyones been banging on about, and the bottom the Joni jeans. Topshop is usually where i head for jeans, especially if i'm wanting something different from your usual mid waist blue or black wash pair, and these two are definitely my favourites at the moment. I actually picked up the white pair last year but i for one think  white is a trend which should never be forgotten, and this pair has seen me through last summer and what we've had of this summer which is pretty impressive for a pair of jeans, especially being such a dangerous colour! The Joni style isn't my favourite anymore as i find them to be a little thin and too high waisted for day to day, but i actually think being white the style works perfectly as it makes them more lightweight for summer.

For summer i think its best to style jeans with something light and flowy or more tight and cropped. I tend to either wear a light oversized shirt or a baggy t shirt / strappy vest with the printed pair as they're lower waisted and i don't really fancy showing my belly, but i love styling the white pair with a tropical or floral printed bralet as the trousers are a blank canvas which allows for bold prints perfectly, and the super high waist means that only an inch or so of midriff is on show.

Light coloured jeans may not be for everyone due to the risk factor of getting them dirty etc, but for me i love the look and have actually found they clean up pretty good anyway should any disasters happen!


Friday, 25 July 2014

Burberry Complete Eye Palette in Mocha

My obsession with pretty makeup has now extended into the realms of Burberry. I may as well just say goodbye to all future money now as it seems to burn a hole in my pocket! My latest burberry order included a few goodies, my favourite of which is the Complete Eye Palette in Mocha.

It's no secret that i love a good neutrals palette and seeing as they're the type of shadows i wear on an everyday basis i'm often on the lookout for the best colour and quality wise. I thought i'd found the top dog in the form of Nars eyeshadows, but since this one has been added into the equation, i've found it hard to use anything but.

The Burberry Complete Eye Palettes contain 4 complimenting shades - One highlight, Two mid tone and one darker liner shade. All four of the shades in the Mocha Palette are incredibly wearable, perfect for both an every day look or something more smokey and geared at the evening. Day to day i've been opting for the middle two shades - The second all over the lid and the third in the crease and below the lower lash line. What i love about this shade lineup in particular is the the eyeshadows are warm toned, meaning they really compliment the bronze makeup look i often go for, but they're not so warm that they appear coppery or look strange paired with cool toned blushers or lipsticks. I could literally use this palette for any occasion, and to me that is what makes a good neutrals palette.

Onto the Now they are expensive so you'd expect something good, but i've never felt eyeshadows so smooth and silky. They leave the eyelids feeling soft and not weighed down with product at all. They also blend like a dream no matter how much you apply, and stay put for a good 8 hours or longer with a base. Perfect. Theres no shimmer in the shadows, but they have a slight luminosity to them which stops them from looking flat and lifeless. I'd say they have a subtle glimmer which you can only really see up close. I'm not one for wearing matte eyeshadows as i feel they can look a little dull, but something about this palette really brings the eyes to life.

I'm not sure how much more i can go on about this palette, so i'll leave it there. if you are a neutral wearer day to day like i am, or you're wanting to invest in a good quality palette to start out with, then look no further. I'm a huge fan of light shimmery eyeshadows but sometimes its nice to go for something a little more natural.

Monday, 21 July 2014

A Bronzed Complexion.

A bronzed complexion is a must for most during summer, at least i know it is for me! There are many ways to achieve a bronzed, glowing look, so i thought i'd share with you the products i slap on to make me look like i've just come back from holiday.

First up, you should know i'm not one for fake tanning. Its not because i don't like the look (i'm dying to try the clarins instant bronze self tanning), i just don't fancy having to have two shades of every foundation. If like me you can't be bothered with all that faff, then bronzing primers will be your best friend. My two favourites are the This Works Perfect Look Skin Miracle, which is more of a skincare/primer/tanning hybrid, and the Seventeen Skin Wow Tan Liquid Glow which is more of a bronzing radiance primer/highlighter. The This works is a good one to go for if I'm not feeling too many layers as i can use it as both my moisturiser and my primer. It evens out the skin slightly giving you a subtle looking glow and a hint of tan. On paler skins it would be much more obvious, but for me its more of a sun kissed kind of look. It leaves the skin feeling smoothed and primed for makeup, making foundation on top sit a lot nicer. Its matte so it won't help to give you a glow, but is a great one for a natural looking makeup look. If i'm wanting something with a bit more bronze and a real radiance, then the Seventeen Skin Wow gets brought out. Its very shimmery so i only really use it on the high points of my face, but it really helps to give the skin an instant tan whilst perking things up a little and adding some radiance. I have quite dehydrated skin so if my skin is looking flat then this instantly brings it to life. I can't say this one helps too well with priming, but for the price you can't go wrong.

next category, bronzers. Bronzers are everyones typical way of giving the skin some colour, and it really is foolproof if you choose the right products. My favourites are the Clarins Summer Bronzing Compact (mine is last years but they're the same!), Nars Laguna Bronzer and Jouer Mattifying Bronzer in Sunswept. The Clarins is the warmest of the bunch, but its a dream to blend and layer. I can use this all over the face and still have it look natural, which is tricky with most bronzers. Its not cool enough for contouring but i tend to apply some in the hollows of my cheeks after warming up the outer perimeters for a subtle sculpting effect on minimal makeup days. Nars Laguna is a cult favourite, and for good reason. I reviewed it here so i won't go on too much, but its the perfect balance of cool and warm which makes it great for both bronzing and contouring duties. It's very pigmented but with a light hand it can look natural on even pale skins. It does seem to have some shimmer which i wouldn't normally like in a bronzer, but it just helps it to look less flat on the skin. Finally, the Jouer bronzer is a good all rounder. Its a lot lighter than the Nars but helps to subtly warm up the face. Its warm but cool enough to use for contouring, leaving a natural sculpted effect. If i'm wanting a more natural, minimal bronzed look then this one is the one i go for as its the perfect natural bronze shade for my skin one. Although, you can also layer it for a darker colour, and it still remains natural looking. If you like to contour but don't fancy something grey toned like the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting powder, then this would be one to give a go!

Finally, Highlighters. There are many shades you can use for highlighting, but in terms of a bronzed complexion, warm golden, champagne or bronze tones are the best to go for. My current must haves are the Nars Multiple in South Beach, Soap&Glory Peach Party and Seventeen Instant Glow in Gold Bronze. The Nars Multiple is the most natural looking of the bunch, giving you an instant radiance and a dose of tanned colour. It really helps to warm up the high points of the face, giving you a 'lit from within' glow. I'd say this is the one product which will really give you a natural 'i've just been on holiday' looking tan. If i'm going for a natural makeup look or mostly working with cream products then i will without a doubt use this. The Soap&Glory Peach party is a warm champagne peach colour highlight. There are multiple tones to it which you can swirl together or use separately to get your desired shade, making it perfect for all skin tones. This one would be the best for paler skins as it isn't too dark or warm, but it really compliments a bronzed makeup look, helping to tie it all together and give you a natural looking but noticeable sheen to the cheeks. My final favourite, the Seventeen highlight, is the darkest of the bunch. This one is very similar in tone to the Nars multiple, but much more shimmery. This one is by no means subtle, but with a light hand can work well on top of the cheekbones, or even as a bronze eyeshadow. Again there are multiple tones to this, ranging from light to dark so you can customise your shade. I wouldn't say this would be great for pale skins, but for mid to dark skin tones this would be a perfect alternative to a light champagne highlight colour. If i'm going for a real bronzed look then this is a nice one to go for, although with some makeup looks it can be a little too much.

So there we have my current bronzed complexion favourites, let me know yours in the comments as I'm always searching for new products to make me look alive!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

La Roche Posay Cicaplast Levres AKA my new holy grail.

Now, i don't throw around the term 'holy grail' too often. In fact, i think this is the first time I've used it, but this little product is definitely deserving of it seeing as i've already nearly used up a whole tube and bought four back ups since trying it just over a month ago.

The product in question is the La Roche Posay Cicaplast Levres, which is described as a barrier repairing balm mainly to be used on the lips. You may know that i have severely dehydrated skin on my top lip, almost like eczema but not really red, and it can be a real pain to fix and cover up. I've been using this balm throughout the day and before bed for about a month now and i've noticed a significant improvement. Now its not gone, i don't think it will be completely going for a while, but as soon as i apply it it feels completely hydrated and a lot more comfortable. Even when i don't have any on, the area feels much less dry and tight and no longer gets flaky which was my main concern. The consistency is much like your regular ointment, its a slightly waxy balm texture which applies almost matte making it barely noticeable. It has a slightly 'silicone' texture although i don't think it has silicone in it, which helps the area to hold moisture and protects it from anything which may aggravate it such as the wind etc. It takes a while to sink in but unlike most balms/ointments i've tried it does completely sink in after a while which means i know its actually working to hydrate the skin and nourish it rather than just sitting on top. As i said i've nearly used up a whole tube in just over a month which isn't too bad seeing as i apply it multiple times through the day, but also isn't great seeing as they're £6 a pop. I stocked up on them as they were only £4 on feel unique, but unfortunately that offer has now ended. This can be used all over the face so if you have problems with dry, flaky skin, eczema or chapped lips then i'd definitely recommend giving this a try!

Friday, 18 July 2014

Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand Collection | Sand Eyeshadow Palette

Would you just look at this beauty of a palette? Bobbi Brown always brings it when it comes to palettes, and where i've previously missed out on some beautiful neutral palettes i knew i could not let this one slip away so i snapped it up and even convinced my mum to get one. The thing i love about all of Bobbi Browns collections is that they always feature neutral, natural and flattering shades which are perfect for everyday or evening wear and right up my street.

The Whole of the Surf & Sand Collection is beautiful, with two palettes - Surf which features some more blue/turquoise hues and Sand, the one i have, which features some more natural shimmery colours. The Collection also features four Sheer Lip Colours, two Brightening Blushes, two Long Wear Eye Pencils and one Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick. All of the products are highly appealing and i may end up purchasing another couple products before they're gone!

So onto the actual palette itself - The Sand Palette features 8 Beautiful neutral shades - 4 mattes which make perfect base or crease colours, and four shimmers which are perfect for washing all over the lid to add brightness to the eyes. In this look I'm wearing the shades Bikini bronze (all over the lid), Golden Copper (in the outer half), Frappe (in the crease) and Saddle (in the outer corner). I love the way all of the colours compliment each other well, and are the kind of colours i love to wear on a daily basis. They're not too cool nor too warm which means they're likely to suit a huge range of skin tones. The only niggle i have is that the shimmery shades aren't all that finely milled, so it takes a while to build up the lighter colours to make them opaque and shimmery rather than glittery. This isn't a problem though as they still blend like a dream!

The wear time for these eyeshadows is the best i've tried, i was actually really shocked. These shadows were still perfectly in tact 10 hours later (with the help of an eyeshadow primer) with no creasing, fading, nothing. That is longer than any other shadow i own and have tried with the same primer (Nars one for reference). They could probably lasted longer but this was when i was taking my makeup off!

All in all i'd say if you're a neutral lover like me and don't really deviate from this kind of look then you need this palette (loosely speaking of course, you don't actually physically need it), but if you like to experiment and already have a neutral palette you love in your collection then for the price tag (a whopping £48), you may want to think a little more about giving in and purchasing as there aren't all that many looks you can create with it and the shades are quite standard. However if you're new to the world of eyeshadow and want a good starting place for everyday looks then this may be the palette for you, as its so easy to work with, you can't really go wrong!


Thursday, 17 July 2014

Triangl 'Lucie - Marshmallow' Underwear Set

So you may have seen the beautiful underwear and swimwear sets from Triangl doing the rounds over on instagram - They sure do know how to promote! I was contacted by the lovely Emma to try out one of their sets, and seeing as I wasn't planning on going on holiday anytime soon (although i now think i am, doh) i opted for one of their underwear sets, and after much deliberation decided on the simple white Lucie set in Marshmallow*. Now i was no way obliged to write a review or even post about the set at all, but from my experience i wanted to give everyone a good, honest review as you can sometimes get sucked into the hype without really knowing if something is worth it or not, but in this case it definitely is.

My first concern was that seeing as there are only 4 sizes, the set would not fit me perfectly, and either be too big or not sit right, but this really wasn't the case. From the moment i tried it on i was in love! The fit of the bra was absolutely perfect (for reference I'm a 32b and i went for an XS), whereas i can sometimes find even bras in my size in the same shape can fit a little off. The mesh material is so soft and really molds to your body, and the straps never feel too tight, but still remain very secure. The pants followed the same theme, incredibly soft, almost like a hug for your bottom. The style is simplistic and casual, meaning its perfect for everyday wear, but it still manages to look sexy at the same time. How do they do it.

A little note about shipping. Shipping costs 20 USD, which is a lot, but seeing as their an international brand its understandable and seems accurate considering what goes into the packaging. The cost is also a flat rate cost so no matter how much you order the shipping will remain the same which is always great to know. This makes the cost much more bearable if you order multiple items, which is what i shall be doing when i place an order! I also do not mind paying shipping when an item is packaged as nicely as the Triangl sets. The black box the set came in is so sleek, sturdy, and also useful, not just an afterthought. It really adds to the whole vibe of the brand being effortless but luxe, and very high quality. The set only took around 3 working days to arrive after it was posted, which was pretty impressive seeing as thats quicker than even Topshop!

So, all was well and i was a very happy bunny, but then i went to wash it. The instructions say to hand wash in cold water, and then leave out to dry out of direct sunlight, but unfortunately my mother washed the set in the wrong kind of soap, which left the set completely unwearable. The elastic pulled out of the mesh and the fabric all bunched up, i was gutted. I immediately contacted Triangl to see why this could of happened, and after a couple of kind and prompt responses from Emma i realised i had washed it with too strong a soap, and instead should be washing with mild baby soap as to not damage the fabric. To be honest i can see how all underwear should be washed in this way anyway as its in its nature for underwear to be rather delicate, but to maintain such a soft mesh i can see why extra care would need to be taken compared to your bog standard quality set and you can't just ignore these steps. I wanted to warn you of this as its an easy mistake to make, and since then Triangl have let me know how to correctly wash the underwear, and they also provided me with a replacement set, which i thought was incredibly kind considering i didn't even pay for the first one! Good customer service is as important to me as a good product, which is why i really felt the need to write a review. It's not often you come across companies who care about their customers as much as Triangl.

The last thing i wanted to touch on was the price. The Lucie sets equal to £32, and the Isabel sets to £26, which is no more than your average store such as Topshop or Asos, and much cheaper than sets from the likes of Ann Summers or La Senza. Considering the quality, it is hard to believe they are such a good price! I would definitely buy these sets even if they cost £5 or £10 more. The shipping obviously bumps it up a bit, which is why i would recommend saving up and purchasing a few sets at once.

Hopefully this review has helped anyone looking to order to decide if it is worth it or not. Personally i would 100% recommend ordering as for the price point, the sets are incredibly high quality and the service i received was some of the best. It can be a bit of a pain washing in such a specific manor, but its definitely worth it for how soft and comfortable they are to wear. I know when someone has not paid for something out of their own money it can be difficult to tell if their being sincere but i have tried to be very balanced and honest with my opinions. I'm planning to order a few more sets and even a bikini (the Dakota Superfly and Billie Firefly are calling my name), so that says something!

Let me know if you've tried anything from Triangl and what your favourite set is.


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Style Post | Tropical & Palm Print

It seems everyone is going nutty for palm print at the moment, and i have well and truly jumped on that bandwagon. Slowly but surely i have managed to accumulate quite a few palm tree and tropical printed pieces, and although you'd think such bold prints would be difficult to style, they actually fit into my wardrobe rather well. I used to be such a plain jane when it came to clothes, and although i've introduced a lot of colour into my wardrobe, prints were more difficult for me to grasp. Since introducing rather a lot of prints into my wardrobe, i've realised how easy they are to style as they really do just make an outfit look 'done' with minimal effort. Theres no need to faff around with jewellery as you can literally throw on a printed top with a plain skirt and jacket and your done. My favourite pieces are all from Topshop, surprise surprise. But those trousers from the zara sale are also a firm favourite of mine - sorry that you can't get them now everyone, i won't tease you with outfit photos! I seem to almost live in Topshop these days, but both these pieces are so well cut and the prints are bold yet not too in your face due to the minimal colours and block patterns. The dress is more daytime appropriate, whereas i find the playsuit to be more formal and evening appropriate. I'm currently trying to find ways to style the playsuit for daytime i hate restricting when i can wear things! You can find these pieces here and here. I'm fancying a tropical print two piece next, so that may have to be my next purchase...


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A Little Blog Update.

Now you may have noticed that posts have been a little sparse around here, so i thought i'd do a little explaining so you know whats going on and you know i'm not abandoning it all!

So within the past few months i have had exams, built up a new line of handmade clothing, lingerie and swimwear (posts in the works to tell you all about it - so excited!) and had to deal with my ongoing long distance relationship. All of this has been rather stressful and hasn't really left much time for blogging or youtube. This has all meant that when i do get round to it, it can feel much more like a chore rather than something i actually enjoy and love, which is how it should be. I've posted when i've felt like it, but i feel like taking a step back and having a bit of a break has motivated me all the more to carry on with blogging and really put all my effort into it now that exams are out of the way and i can relax a little bit more.

Another thing which has stopped me from blogging so much has been confusion about which direction i want to take my blog in. I have a huge love for makeup and i have a hell of a lot of it to talk about, but writing review after review gets a bit repetitive and boring for me, so it kind of loses its fun. Then i was thinking about completely becoming a fashion blog, but i know i'm far too lazy to consistently get ready every day all nice to take blog photos. 60% of my time is spent in pjs/lounging clothes/without makeup on so that was a no go too. I didn't really know where i belonged in the blogging world, but i think i've now found what i want to do.

I've decided that i'm going to post on mondays, wednesdays, fridays and saturdays. Mondays and fridays are to be beauty related, then wednesdays and saturdays fashion related. This then gives me 3 extra days where i can either post, or not post if its feeling too much and too stressful. It also means on those days i can post about whatever i like, be it more beauty or fashion, or a lifestyle kind of post, which i do really want to include more of. I'm also probably only going to focus to 'Edit' style beauty posts rather than single product reviews, as i find it a little daunting to talk about one product solely in a post, unless its something i really really love, as i just don't feel like i know enough to be helpful! I want my blog to be more about me in general and what i love, rather than being focused around one specific topic. I like to be able to get to know a person by reading their blog, and so thats the direction I'm going to take mine in.

When it comes to youtube, i'm still a little lost. Taking on too many things overwhelms me, but i know that i really love making youtube videos as its where i started out. i think the same split will go on over there, with some casual week in outfit videos, hauls and get ready with me's. I think i put too much pressure on myself to have everything perfect, which is why i can sometimes not post as i feel it won't be interesting or high quality enough! Really need to get over that. At the moment i have planned to post videos on thursdays and sundays, which i'd really like to stick to, as it allows me to post more than one type of video a week. Now that its summer hopefully i can get filming some of my outfits as they're some of my favourite videos to film.

I hope this post wasn't too waffly, let me know what you think of my new blogging schedule, and give me ideas for posts you'd like to see in the future, be it makeup or fashion!

Monday, 14 July 2014

The Nars Multiples.

So, You've probably heard a lot about the Nars Multiples - Both the shimmer and the matte versions - and for good reason. I've been loving using the two i have (South beach and Exumas) since i bought them and although they take a little getting used to, they're great products to invest in. I say invest in as they're 30 pounds a pop, which is rather a lot for one stick of product, but here me out and hear why they are so darn worth it.

The Nars multiple in South Beach was my shimmer multiple of choice. I have a ton of champagne toned highlights so this one stood out to me as being different and a welcome addition to my stash. Since using it I've hardly strayed away and have found its bronzed, almost peachy hue to work perfectly in the warmer months. South beach is the perfect colour for my skin tone to warm up the high points of the face, imparting a natural dose of tan along with a natural looking glow. The colour is so natural looking yet very warming, meaning that you could almost use it all over under your foundation for a faux tan and all over glow. I've yet to try it this way as i've been using another product for all over tanning purposes (review in the works) but this may be a more subtle way to use it if your on the paler end of the spectrum. You could also use this as an eyeshadow which makes the price much more bare able as you know you're getting a multi use product. The best thing is it blends like a dream, never budging my foundation underneath and it stays put all day long. Perfect for those sweaty summer days(nice.)

The Nars Multiple in Exumas was the matte multiple which stood out to me the most. I do love a pink blush every now and then, but I'm a peach girl at heart so i knew this would be the one i'd get the most use out of. Now this one is a little trickier to work with. Its a little thicker in consistency so i find it works best with a damp brush. I spray my Real Techniques Stippling brush with some Mac Fix+ and then dab the multiple on my cheek before lightly blending with the brush. Applied dry it is much more pigmented but can be harder to blend, so i find this way i get an easy application and still achieve the look i want after a few layers. The colour is the perfect peachy tone for me. Its very similar to their blush in Gina, but maybe a little deeper. On the lips i find it a little patchy although not drying, but it will cling to any dry, flaky patches you have like nobodies business! I do however love the colour on both my lips and cheeks which is difficult to come by.

All in all I love what i've tried so far of the Nars Multiples, and I'm keen to pick up one of the matte contour shades and either a blush or champagne toned shimmer multiple. Let me know your favourites!

Ps. In the pictures I'm wearing exumas on my lips and cheeks, and south beach on all the high points of my face. Not that the camera has really picked up the lovely bronze colour, doh.
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