Monday, 27 January 2014

A mac eyeshadow re-jig

I've had my mac eyeshadows lying around for quite a while now, and whilst i use my quad on a weekly basis, my 15-pan palette was always left untouched. I'm very lazy when it comes to make up, i like to know things are going to work together. I think this is why i neglect my mac eyeshadows so much, as in my large palette i don't have any specific combinations that i know work. Hence, the re-jig. As i'm on a mission to be less wasteful and much less of a hoarder, this weekend i went out and bought myself 3 shiny new mac quads, ready to fill up with my existing mac eyeshadows. I'm pretty happy with the combinations i've created, but it's left me realising that i think my problem is that i have far too many 'one wash' colours, and not enough which work well together. And too many warm warm copper eyeshadows, nearly two quads full! Feel free to give me some mac eyeshadow recommendations to fill up these quads and make them much more usable and travel friendly. The top quad is the one i've had for the longest and i definitely use those shadows the most (it's satin taupe, brun, wedge and woodwinked fyi), so if you're looking for somewhere to start, i think its a great combination to go for. Check out my mac eyeshadow collection post here for more deets on the shadows etc!

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