Sunday, 5 January 2014

New years resolutions

It's now a few days into 2014, and to kick things off i thought i'd share with you my new years resolutions! Writing them down may help me stick to them, or it might just make me a little ashamed if i break them...I usually put way too much pressure on myself so I've only come up with things i think i will actually stick to, so anyway, here they are!
  1. One in, one out rule - This applies to makeup and skincare. I've built up quite the collection of both over the past year and found some products i really love, which have ended up getting neglected as i try out new things. In a bid to save money and waste less products, I've decided to introduce a one in, one out policy. Whether it be using up an item or selling it, I'm going to try my best to only buy a new one of something when i get rid of its equivalent.
  2. Wash my makeup brushes every two weeks and spot clean after every use - I'm pretty good when it comes to keeping my brushes clean, but i must say i probably don't do it as much as i should. My eyeshadow brushes are constantly dirty, and due to the fact i don't wear make up every day i neglect washing my face brushes most of the time. My skin is in a pretty good state, but keeping them clean can only improve things!
  3. Up my blogging game - Blogging is something i love, but sometimes my lack of organisation means i don't have time to post or end up rushing posts/videos in order to get them up which is no fun. I'm aiming to post a video on youtube two or three times a week, and on my blog every other day. I would love to post on here every day, but i just don't think it's something i could stick to! If you have any post/video suggestions, let me know :)
  4. Put more work into my clothing line, 'cryptic cult'. Since recent bouts with my health and college I've found myself putting less and less time into my clothing line, and i want it to be something i really love and enjoy doing rather than just a 'job'. In 2014 i bid to spend way more time creating new designs and interacting much more! 
  5. Downsize my wardrobe and makeup collection - This links with my first resolution of trying to use things up and just have less unnecessary stuff. My wardrobe is currently overflowing to the point where i cannot actually fit everything on my two rails, two shelves and drawer, and considering the fact i only use about 40% i don't really need all the clutter. I hope to streamline my wardrobe to fit everything in comfortably with one rail solely for my most used pieces. With my makeup collection, i'm going to sort it out every three months, and if i haven't used a product in that three months, then its gone. 
  6. Eat better! - I used to be really good at eating healthily most of the time, but since it started getting cold i've really slacked. I'm hoping in 2014 i'll be able to get back on track and eat healthily about 70% of the time, so i don't feel bad if i have a takeaway or two!
  7. Pamper myself more often! - This last one is something that i really want to be able to fit into my routine. I'm so lazy when it comes to painting my nails, properly doing my hair, moisturising etc. I want to find the time to fit these all in as most of the time i don't bother due to being lazy!
What are your new years resolutions?

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