Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Nourishing dull, dry or dehydrated skin

My skin is pretty dull and dehydrated most of the year, so i can definitely relate to those of you struggling to deal with the dryness that comes with the change in weather. This has brought me to compile an edit of my favourite products to tackle these problems. 

Dehydration //
Dryness and dehydration are very different things, and people with oily skin often forget to keep their skin hydrated. For dehydration a serum can never go a miss, and lately i've been loving the REN max moisture concentrate as it's light and absorbs easily, but keeps my skin feeling plump and hydrated all day. Its a similar kind of concept to the much loved hydraluron but i seem to prefer it. Another great pre-moisturiser product for the skin is a hydrating toner. I love to use the Liz earle instant boost skin tonic if my skin is feeling tight, irritated or dull as it instantly soothes, hydrates and perks up the skin. The spritzer version is also really refreshing to spray on throughout the day. If you're a little worried about your skin getting annoyed with all these layers(although i highly doubt it would!) then a night time hydrating mask once a week is a great way to go. The Origins drink up intensive overnight mask  is great for both dryness and dehydration, but can be used on any skin type to give your skin a huge dose of moisture and radiance. 

Dryness //
Dry skin is something slightly harder to tackle than dehydration, as you want to make sure you have no flaky patches which will show up when make up is applied. A good chemical exfoliator such as the Kiehls overnight biological peel should do the trick at removing dead skin cells and dry patches, whilst also making the skin look less dull. In terms of moisture, for the day i love the Darphin hydraskin rich cream, which is specially formulated for dry skin. Its a thick white cream with barely any scent which instantly soothes and plumps up the skin, whilst keeping it hydrated all day long. If you don't suffer with dryness too much then this would be a great night time option. When it comes to night time i like to throw something heavier on to make sure my skin will be nourished all night long. An oil night cream sandwhich is what i tend to go for. Oils make all the difference to your skin and are great to use on any skin type, but i'd highly recommend them if you suffer from dryness. My favourites are the Clarins blue orchid face treatment oil and the Nude progenius treatment oil. The latter is a little thicker and does more for the skin than the clarins, but both aim to hydrate the skin, whilst giving you an amazing glow and also helping to decongest. Finally an eye cream is an essential for me to use at least once a day, and the Malin+Goetz rice bran eye moisturiser is the best i've ever tried. It turns my eyes from being dry, red and irritated to smooth, hydrated and also much brighter. Finally for night cream, one which i love is the Origins make a difference + ultra rich rejuvenating cream. It's a thick cream which takes quite a while to sink in so i really know it's working. The sent is lovely and zingy but not overwhelming, and it leaves my skin hydrated and glowing come morning. The whole make a difference line is amazing so i'd definitely recommend it. 

Dulless //
Finally for dullness and this is an area which i'm constantly seeking out new products to help tackle it. A cleanser which i've been loving lately is the Oskia renaissance cleansing gel. It sits somewhere between a gel and a balm, with its light consistency which turns into an oil on contact with skin. It thoroughly cleanses skin whilst keeping it hydrated and also working to gently exfoliate away dead skin to leave skin looking brighter. This cleanser is lovely to use morning and night, but it's especially a great one to use in the morning if your skins on the dehydrated/dry side as it not stripping. Another new discovery is the Jurlique antioxidant gel mask, A gooey gel textured mask which aims to detoxify the skin, whilst hydrating and brightening at the same time. It does exactly what it says on the tin, and although its majorly expensive, i definitely think its worth it if you have dull or congested skin. 

And there we have it, my product picks for tackling dull, dry or dehydrated skin. Your welcome.

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