Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Working to banish chapped winter lips

Dry, flaky lips isn't the most glamorous of topics, but its one that i'm sure everyone is looking to fix! Since around september time I've been battling awfully dry lips along with some kind of eczema on my upper lip skin which has been the biggest pain, especially as i think its due to a lipstick allergy! I've relied on a heavy ointment from the doctors to keep things in check, but the huge pot isn't the most handbag friendly, so in came lanolips. 

Lanolips is an ointment which can be used as a multipurpose balm anywhere on the body. I tend to use it solely on my lips, but it would be great to use on dry elbows, cuticles and eyelids. The balm is very rich and thick, it's oily texture isn't the most luxurious to use, but once warmed and massaged into lips, it leaves them feeling soft and moisturised, with a protective barrier to block out the cold harsh winds. I also find it helps to soften dry skin, so that it can easily be exfoliated away without damaging the rest of your skin. I find it leaves a shiny film over the area if you use a large amount, so you may want to be aware of that if your not using it as a lip balm.

Lanolips contains 100% pure Ultra Medical Grade Lanolin which is 100% natural and fragrance free, making it suitable for the most sensitive and irritated of skins. I'd definitely recommend this if you suffer from awfully dry lips, eczema or irritated skin.

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