Monday, 24 February 2014

Ren max moisture concentrate

Ah, REN, you've done it again. I've come searching for something to help my skin in a time of need, and you've delivered. Back at the beginning of winter my skin was feeling particularly dry and parched, and not knowing how long i had had my bottle of hydraluron lying around, i went off to space NK in search of a replacement. Enter: Ren max moisture concentrate.

Ren max moisture concentrate is suitable for all skin types, but aimed at those with particularly dry or dehydrated skin. It aims to dramatically hydrate and replenish the skin, in turn leaving it looking plump, and feeling baby soft. It includes hyaluronic acid, an ingredient we all know and love for its skin plumping properties, along with soyabean lipids, rice germ oil and a couple other bio extracts. Now, this all sounds great, but unfortunately it does contain alcohol - not an ingredient you'd want to see in a hydrating product. None the less, i still find it does a great job at giving my skin that little extra boost of moisture. The consistency is also something to note, its a thin milk kind of texture, and it does take a while to work in, but once it is it feels light and refreshing on the skin. Something i found a little odd about hydraluron was its sticky texture which i wasn't a huge fan of, so this is much better for me. All in all, this is a wonderful little product for giving my skin an extra boost when its feeling dehydrated, but it hasn't 100% blown me away. I do however think its a great simple product to use if like me you just need a little extra hydration than your moisturiser alone. Me being me i think i'll be on the lookout for another hydrating serum once its all used up, simply due to the alcohol content and being a bit of a product floozy!


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