Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The budget buy: Revlon grow luscious mascara

Mascara is something i don't ever worry too much about, i was hooked on the L'oreal volume million lashes for over a year and didn't see that changing, til one day i decided to try something new instead of repurchasing. Revlon grow luscious was added to the basket, and i'm rather glad i made this descision!

Now i must say, my eyelashes are pretty dark and thick anyway, but they arent the longest and theres always room for fuller lashes! What's great about grow luscious is that it's so easy to get the look i desire. One coat and i get the look in the picture above: Long, full lashes without being too much for a simple everyday look. Two coats, and you've got yourself even fuller lashes, a smidgen more length without being spidery, all without any clumps and the perfect look to complete a smokey eye. It stays black all day, and although it's not waterproof, provided theres no heavy crying it never smudges - perfect! At £10 it's not the cheapest drugstore mascara, but i don't see myself trying out a higher end mascara now i have this, so it's very very affordable in comparison!

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