Sunday, 16 February 2014

The weekly roundup #4 & 5

It seems like my weekly roundup posts are becoming Fortnightly these days, so i may just turn this into a monthly rounup kinda thang! Who knows, maybe that'll start in march so you don't have to hear me babble every week? So, whats been up with me lately...

I FINALLY got myself an iMac after longing for one for the past couple of years. I finally found myself a bargain of a mac on ebay and snatched it up before it went, and i couldn't be happier. This laptop is on its last legs and a desktop is just what i need to make my life oh so much easier - now to learn how to use iMovie!

I got my hair cut after a couple months of forgetting to book an appointment. Nothing drastic, just an inch or so off the bottom and the layers blended in more. Hopefully after a couple more cuts my layers will be all grown out, wahoo! 

A lovely jubbly valentines meal with the boyfriend went down (as shown on instagram, just look at that gorgeous meal!) We cooked alfredo together which we always used to make and it was our best one yet. Need it again ASAP!

I got myself some more monochrome essentials in the form of some pull&bear printed sweaters and h&m bargains. Seriously, i bagged myself a skirt, a bag, some trousers AND a necklace for less than 40 squids?! Get yourself down to h&m, now. Adding them into my wardrobe has been a joy.

Me and the weather are NOT getting along. After gale force winds and having my umbrella snapped in half it's safe to say i'm fed up of winter. When is spring going to come along?! 

Hows your week been?

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