Friday, 14 February 2014

Wishing for...

Beauty wishlist feb

I'm trying to be good, i really am, but there are just so many amazing thinks which i want (read: need). A couple of months ago i made a whimventory account which allows me to save everything i'm lusting over onto clickable wishlists, so that i can check on them and see if i really want them, and also prioritise my purchases. It's so useful! Here's what i'm currently wanting a hell of a lot, and will be purchasing as soon as possible...

Tom Ford lipstick - Just because. They're beautiful. The packaging is so luxe, the colours as all so me, and i'm a lipstick addict craving a splurge.

Nars velvet matte lip pencil - Similar to before, i'm a lipstick addict. Nars velvet matte lip pencil's are some of the best around for long lasting colour, which is something i definitely need as i'm all about low maintenance. Nars is also my favourite brand and i'm eager to try more!

Nars light reflecting setting powder - This sounds great for setting my makeup in the mornings, as it mattes everything down whilst still leaving a bit of glow, and it's the perfect kind of product for setting concealer. I have a couple powders which are great for mid day touch ups, but not so great for setting so this is a must!

Clinique all about shadow palette - I'm crazy for palettes at the moment, they're just so easy to use as you don't have to faff about finding colours which will work together. They ALL work together. This palette is very different from the ones i own as it contains some warmer shadows which i love.

Aurelia miracle cleanser - I'm coming to the end of some of my balm/evening cleansers so i'm in desperate need of a new one, this one by aurelia sounds great so it'll definitely be the next i try out. This year i'm really going to make an effort to try more brands as there are so many great ones out there!

Hourglass ambient lighting blush - I'm still deciding on the shade, but i do know that i need one of these! I'm head over heels for the ambient lighting powders as they set makeup perfectly whilst blurring imperfections and giving you a beautiful glow, so a blush with the same theme sounds wonderful. 

Canon EOS M - I'm in dire need of a smaller yet still high quality camera! My canon 600d is great for filming and blogging, but when out and about i'd love this for taking outfit posts, filming lookbooks and general lifestyle posts. Who knows i might even vlog every now and again! Once i've saved up some money i'll be looking into buying this little beauty.

Jo malone candle - I love candles, they're just so relaxing and considering i spend a lot of time in my room, i like to have ones which will create a nice relaxing atmosphere. Jo malone candles are meant to be one of the best for throwing their scent, and the selection they have is truly great. A jo malone counter has now opened up relatively close to me, so i'll definitely be giving them all a wiff and giving one a go - maybe a perfume too as my birthday is soon!

A long black coat (monki version pictured) - I have a fluffy black coat from topshop which is great for the really cold days we often incur in england, but it's not the best for styling. It's black so it should be relatively easy, but the fluffy texture means it doesnt look quite so right with patterns or other textures, or with more dressy items. For this reason i'm in dire need of a more simple, streamline black coat, and a longer one would be preferable as there's just something about them which looks so fancy! I'm currently lusting over this one from sheinside but its sold out, boo :(

There we have it, some things i'm lusting over. Maybe my boyfriends or parents will see this and feel extra generous...Heres hoping!

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