Friday, 21 March 2014

A spring themed boots haul...

I don't normally do mini hauls like this, but theres something about them which just appeals to me. Most likely the fact that it means i don't have to gather everything i've bought over the month in one place and admit how much i've spent.

Boots recently ran their huge 3 for 2 offer on all makeup, skincare and haircare, and although i don't think i actually ended up picking up any skin or hair products for once, i did end up with quite a large amount of beauty products, all with a fresh, spring theme. Now this was my second or third bout of boots shopping, but i can't for the life of me remember what i bought previously. Oops.

First up i ended up purchasing three soap and glory products in prep for a post i have in the works (ooh, teaser). Soap and glory are widely known for their body care, but with so many more products on offer i wanted to give a few more things a whirl. I picked up their cc cream which looks very interesting, their peach party blush/highlight hybrid, and their bright, here bright now balm. I've yet to try them out, but if they're anything like the other products i've tried from the brand they'll be great. I also picked up the eraser concealer from maybelline after hearing rave reviews from amelia and seeing as i seem to be going through my nars concealer quite rapidly, i thought i'd pick up a cheaper alternative for lazy makeup days.

The final makeup bits were a couple of lip products. I actually purchased two more but ended up exchanging them for two of the soap and glory products after realising i am becoming an extreme lip product hoarder...Please tell me i'm not the only one?! The maybelline gloss is in the shade electric orange, and i just couldn't resist picking it up after falling in love with cashmere rose. The liquid lipstick product is one of the l'oreal l'extraordinaire liquid lipsticks which are meant to be dupes for the ysl glossy stains. Now i LOVE the glossy stains so if these match up i'll be seriously impressed. Upon swatching they seem to be a little more like a lacquer and amazingly pigmented. Review coming soon.

I then went a bit mad and bought three essie polishes, before returning to buy one of the new l'oreal polishes. This doesn't seem too bad but considering i'd just purchased a couple of the topshop polishes a day before, things were getting a little extreme. Nail polish is something i often forget to use, so i thought i'd treat myself to a couple new spring shades. I ended up choosing tarte deco, a gorgeous peach shade, mint candy apple, a mint (obviously) and splash of grenadine after seeing essiebutton wear it - such a cute pinky purple shade!

Let me know if you like these mini hauls and i'll be sure to do them in the future!

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