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I was feeling a little cautious about beginning a blogging tips series, as i am by no means a pro blogger or anything of the sort with quite a small following, but over my months of on and off blogging and then sticking to a schedule since january, i've learnt a lot. Especially on how to stay motivated as a new blogger so i thought i'd share some tips to help you out if you're feeling like giving up!

  1. You aren't going to gain thousands of followers overnight. It may seem pointless blogging to only a few people, but blogging should always be fun and not done for free stuff or money. In the long run yes i'm sure everyone would love to have blogging as a career, i know i would, but that shouldn't be your goal from the start. When i started out it took me months and months to gain my first 100, and i still don't have loads now, but if you work hard and stick at it you will be noticed. Around January time,  Adrienne from The Sunday Girl mentioned me in one of her posts, which in turn boosted me up an extra 100 or more followers which was insane, but theres no way she would have mentioned me if i had one or two posts up that i hadn't really worked hard on or enjoyed writing. These bloggers you see with thousands and thousands of followers have all been working at it for years, so give it time and you will succeed.
  2. Don't post a post if you aren't happy with it! If a post doesn't truly reflect your thoughts or style, if you're not happy with the photography or just can't get the wording right, don't post it. I've had posts sitting in my drafts for weeks on end because i just can't get the photo how i want it or i can't quite get my point across well enough. If a post is rushed and you've just posted it because you feel like you have to, it will show across and won't be as enjoyable to read.
  3. Don't take your schedule too seriously, but try to have one. Since i started making blogging schedules and planning my posts, i've enjoyed blogging a hell of a lot more, and my posts are looking a lot more put together. Planning what i'm going to write about means i have time to really try out a product, take a good picture and write what i'm going to say without having to rush to find something to post about. Saying that, don't be disheartened if you don't manage to get a post up on time. I try to post at least 5 days a week but sometimes that just doesn't happen, and thats okay. Blogging shouldn't feel like a chore so if you're busy or just don't feel like posting, then don't! Your readers will understand. You can blog as little or as much as you want to.
  4. Don't be a sheep. This could be a controversial topic and sometimes its difficult to stick to this, but try not to to be like every other blogger out there. Its perfectly fine to look up to certain bloggers and aspire to have a blog like theirs, but don't go and straight up copy their design or completely copy their writing and photography style. I feel like when a blogger really puts their personality and unique style into their blog and posts, it shows a lot more and feels much more personal and less samey. Obviously every blog is going to be different, but when i'm writing a post i try not to look at any other posts on the same topic/product as then i find it can be easy to be swayed with their opinion and style with what you end up writing. 
  5. These bloggers are big for a reason! Linking to a couple of my other posts, don't feel like your blog sucks because it isn't like the top bloggers out there. Many of these bloggers blog as a full time career, which must be damn hard to get to and you've got to remember that they all started from 0, just like you. It takes years to get to a point where your blog is really succeeding, and i know I've got a really long way to go, but i've got to remember that I've only been properly blogging for under three months, so I'm hardly going to have a magazine grade blog with thousands of followers and pr samples being sent out to me left right and centre. Blogging is a gradual process, so your blog isn't going to be amazing and professional from your first post. You learn as you go along, and i know that my blogging style has definitely changed since i started out, and so has my blog design. I've gradually changed aspects of it as time has gone on and although i'm not completely happy with it, i don't know a thing about HTML so theres not much i can do on my own! 
  6. Blog about what you want to blog about. It can be easy to see all of these product launches or amazing fashion bloggers and feel like you have to dress just like them and post about all the same things, but you've got to make your blog unique to you. If everyone is posting about pastels and thats just not your thing, then don't feel like you have to try and fit in, post about whatever the hell you like! If you don't have the budget to purchase the whole of the new Chanel collection to blog about, then don't feel down, blog about some great products you already have in your stash! Theres enough room on the internet for everyone to blog about whatever they please, and theres sure to be someone out there that will enjoy reading it.
As i said before, i'm relatively new to writing my blog so i'm not going to give you loads of tips and pointers when i have no right, but hopefully these tips will help you to stay motivated to keep on blogging as a newbie or otherwise!


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