Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Topshop is extremely well known for its on trend, quite frankly wonderful clothing, but their makeup is perhaps something which may be overlooked. Over the past year or so i've trialled a few bits here and there, but recently i set myself the task of trying out more from the brand, and i'm happy to say i'm extremely impressed. For such a reasonably priced line of makeup, the quality is amazing. The lipsticks are on par with the likes of MAC, and their matte bronzer is perhaps my favourite. Everything i've tried from the lineup has been pretty impressive, and their colour selection is pretty darn amazing. I'd definitely recommend you check them out! The only negatives for me would be the fact that their website doesn't always have all of their products available, and the fact that it may not be the best for darker skin tones. The brights would definitely work, but i find myself struggling more with the nudes as most are far too pale.

Glow pot in polished - This product is simply healthy, glowing skin in a pot. The formula is incredibly creamy meaning it blends like a dream, and although it gives you a gorgeous glow, the champagne shade highlight has no visible glitter or shimmer in it which makes it look much more natural.

Matte bronzer in mohawk - This bronzer is probably the best matte bronzer i've found for when i want a subtle bronze contoured look. It's matte meaning it's great for sculpting, but its not too dark which means you can't go overboard straight away. It has a warmth to it which also means it perks up the face at the same time, love!

Magic liner - I'm not a huge eyeliner fan, but whenever i do decide to wear a flick, i go for the topshop magic liner. The nib is small meaning you get a precise line with ease, and its not too flimsy making it much easier to work with. The formula is also incredibly black so you dont have to go over it hundreds of times!

Lipstick in beatnik - This lipstick is a great everyday colour for me. It's a real 'your lips but better shade', leaning more pink than nude. The formula is pigmented yet creamy and glossy, meaning i don't have to worry too much about upkeep during the day or my lips drying out. I'm really impressed with these lipsticks considering the price!


Their nail varnishes - It's not that i don't like them, just the couple I've tried needed 3 or so layers to become opaque, and took forever to dry. One took about an hour to dry fully which is crazy! I may try out more in the future as their colour selection is really great, but i definitely prefer the likes of essie.
UPDATE: i've since tried more shades and it's love! Must have just been the shades i tried before that were disappointing!


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