Thursday, 6 March 2014


Masks are an extra step in my skincare routine i like to fit in weekly, as they really can do so much for the skin. There are an abundance of masks on the market from clarifying to brightening to hydrating, and my latest love falls under all three. 

The Jurlique herbal recovery gel mask is very different from everything else i have in my collection. It aims to revitalise and hydrate the skin, whilst also detoxifying. It contains vitamin E beads which help to address dehydration and dullness, two things i definitely have. There are also a range of botanicals in its ingredients list which further help to exfoliate, brighten and protect against environmental aggressors. Sounds a little confusing and a little gimmicky, but trust me, it works.

Upon first use, i didn't really get it. My skin looked a little brighter in the morning, but all in all i thought it was a bit of a dud. I used it a couple times more, and this is when i really saw it's magic work. You're meant to remove with damp cotton pads so a little of the mask remains to act as a treatment - something i didn't do the first time. When done properly, i wake up in the morning with skin much brighter and glowier than ever before, along with being plumped and hydrated. It feels incredibly 'clean' too, which i guess must be down to its detoxifying properties. All i can liken it to is a day at the spa - incredible. 

Any makeup i apply afterwards goes on so much smoother, and the end result is much less flat and lifeless. All in all it means i end up using about half the product as my skin already looks so darn good to start off with - thumbs up all round!

At £40 a tube its pretty expensive, but it's a great one to have stashed away for when your skin is in need on an instant pick me up (which is pretty often for me, but hey, at least it's not going to waste right?) It's also a little cheaper at £36 over on look fantastic, so i'd grab it there if you can! 

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