Saturday, 8 March 2014


So, this may be a little of an overstatement, but these four products are ones i cannot imagine living without. Together they work to make sure my hair is as soft, smooth and straight as can be, with a lot of texture and grit thrown in to boot. Onto the products...

Starting with the conditioning treatment, the Fekkai protein Rx anti breakage treatment mask is hands down my favourite mask to leave my hair feeling soft, hydrated and repaired. My hair used to be insanely damaged and just would not grow, but since starting to use this and stopping with the crazy dying, it's in the best condition its ever been in, and its grown a ton. Unfortunately it's been discontinued and its replacement is £15 more expensive so i really cannot bring myself to buy it, which means this one is being savoured for days when my hair is feeling terribly parched and brittle. Replacement protein treatment suggestions welcome.

Next up are the pre-blow dry products. The Living proof prime style extender is a cream which once applied to the hair aims to prolong your style, keep it from getting as greasy, protect from humidity and save you time when styling. I can definitely say that since using this my hair has been staying straighter for longer, and definitely feels less frizzy after coming into contact with annoying weather conditions. A life/hair saver for definite! The other is an oil, which i now deem an essential in hydrating my ends and keeping my hair sleek and frizz free. The Ojon rare blend oil is my favourite by far as it smooths over the hair, giving it a boost of moisture without being too heavy. Although i do avoid using it on the roots as it is incredibly hydrating and can be a little much!

Finally, the styler. The Oribe dry texturising spray is a blogger favourite, and for good reason. It's what i rely on for a boost of texture and body in first day hair where things can look a little limp and lifeless otherwise. In my hair it also tends to work its magic on second day hair without having to reapply. Just a little fluff and its back to its full bodied self. I do find that because it's so texturising it can dry out my roots a little if i apply too much, but thats just me being a little over zealous.

Do you have any hair products you can't live without?

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