Tuesday, 18 March 2014


First up, sorry for my week long blogging hiatus, it was my birthday and i just got a little distracted. As always. I'm now back with a whole host of posts planned, starting with this beautiful palette by clinique. Would you just look at it? Introducing, the Clinique all about shadow 8-pan palette.

Clinique have added their two cents to the ever expanding world that is neutral eyeshadow palettes with this new palette from their 16 shades of beige collection, and their take is really rather good. The 8-strong lineup is a little different from your average neutrals palette, including some really unique warm shades and a lot more lighter offerings. It's not something i'd usually go for (I'm all for the bronzes), but it's definitely a welcome addition to my collection. Included in the lineup is a pearly white highlight shade (perfect for the inner corner or brow bone), a slightly darker, pearly cream colour (perfect for all over the lid), an interesting warm peachy toned brown (which i love blended into the crease), and then a couple darker shades including a gorgeous shimmery brown burgundy shade (black honey, a shade which a lot of people love - including me), and a shimmery dark brown with a plum tint.

In the look above i have the third shade all over the lid, a mixture of the two bronze-taupes in the crease and outer corner, and then the warm brown colour all over to warm up the whole look a little. This palette is so versatile in that you can create a quick and easy day look, a more smokey day look like this, or you can go full on smoke and create something dark and sultry. This paired with the dinky size (similar to that of an iPhone) and the large mirror makes it the perfect travel palette, or great for someone who is strapped for storage space! Whilst i'm on the theme of packaging, how great is the mirrored case? Yes it does get covered in fingerprints, but its just so darn cool. I found that without any form of eyeshadow base these did crease a little on me by the end of the day, but nothing major and with a sweep of a mac paint pot underneath this problem was solved.

This palette is limited edition i believe so i'd recommend checking it out before it sells out, it seems like the kind of palette which would fit into everyones makeup collection very nicely with a line-up which you'll most likely love and use every single colour from.


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