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We've all been there. It's so easy to accumulate a ton of products, samples, and general things we want but don't really need, and it just gets to the point where it can all get a little messy and overwhelming! Spring is the perfect time to organise and streamline the stash, and here are a few tips from me which i have been employing over the past few weeks to make things little more organised and manageable.

ORGANISE THOSE SAMPLES // I used to keep my samples in a drawer with all my body care bits, but seeing as i'm not a huge body moisturiser, i barely ever go in the drawer so the samples we're getting forgotten. Since i've ran out of a couple of skincare bits, instead of repurchasing i've decided to make good use of all my lovely high end samples. Storing them in some kind of decorative bowl or diptyque candle jar means they act as decoration, and it reminds me to use them more often.

STREAMLINE THE STASH // As a beauty obsessive, it's easy for me to hear about products and end up buying a ton of things which i don't really need, so that i then end up with a collection of about 10 of the same shade lipstick. I recently did the very boring task of getting everything out of my storage, and putting them into piles of same products in similar colours, and only allowing myself to keep 2/3 of what was in each pile. This really helps me to actually now use what i own as i can see what i have and means i don't just gravitate to my everyday drawers out of ease.

SELL OR DONATE // Friends and family are always grateful of your unwanted beauty goodies, so pass products on to them if you've got some things you know they'd like. If you're strapped for cash then 'depop' is another way to get rid of unwanted stuff and make a bit of bob too.  I've been using it the past couple of months to sell unwanted clothes, makeup and skincare bits and it's a great way to make a bit of extra money,  which makes me feel less guilty about not using such an expensive product as much as i should! There is also a great charity called 'give and makeup' where you can donate your making to woman who may need it more than you, providing its in good quality still. It's a lovely charity as it's sometimes easy to get a bit greedy with makeup, so donating to this kind of charity will definitely make you feel much better! I have yet to do this but i definitely will if i don't end up being able to sell everything.

DO I ACTUALLY USE IT? // This is a tip for when sorting out your collection. If you haven't used a product for over two months, then put it into a separate section to remind yourself to use it. If you still do not use it, or use it once and then forget about it again, then it really does not need to be kept. Obviously there are some things which are more suited to summer or winter, but if said season passes and you barely use it or don't use it at all, then chances are you never will!

EXPIRY DATES // All makeup has expiry dates, usually ranging from 6 months to 3 years. Mascaras are the first ones to go, and should be thrown out after 6 months maximum. Foundations usually last about 1-2 years, and cream products usually about 6 months to 2 years. Powders are the longest lasting, and provided they are kept clean, can last years before going off. Make sure to check your products every 6 months to see if they're in date. If you can't remember when you bought a product, its probably quite old and needs binning! Also, if something doesn't smell quite like it should, or starts to sting when you use it, then thats also a good indication. Checking my makeup has made me prioritise which foundation or mascara to use up first, and has also made me be more wary about buying more products as it may just mean it'll go off before i get a chance to finish it.

KEEP THINGS CLEAN // Cleaning your makeup frequently is the best way to stop bacteria spreading and helps to keep things good for longer. Cleaning your products with antibacterial wipes, scraping the top layer off lipsticks and spraying products with antibacterial sprays such as this one all help to keep products fresh and stops bacteria spreading to your face, minimising irritation and spots. It's also really important to keep your brushes clean. I usually spot clean mine every 2-3 uses, and deep clean them every few weeks. I don't wear makeup every day so this is fine for me, but if you are a daily makeup wearer then they should be deep cleaned every week or two weeks maximum. Also remember to clean your storage with antibacterial, as theres no point cleaning your brushes and products just to put them back into dirty holders!

A long post, but an important one at that. Hopefully these tips will help you to feel fresh, organised and ready for spring!


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