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Gone are the days where powders simply mattified your skin and added extra coverage, now theres a whole plethora of powders on the market which aim to do different things, from setting your makeup, to adding a glow, to even adding moisture to your skin. Whist i'm not a huge powder fan, i thought i'd give you the low down on the powders which have made the cut in my collection.

First up, my one true love - the Hourglass ambient lighting powder in luminous light. Now as you can see in the photograph, mine completely smashed (i admit, i shed a tear) but that doesn't mean my love for it has stopped. This powder is the one to grab if you're looking for something to set your makup in place all day whilst taking away all visible shine and placing it with a glorious 'lit from within' glow. This shade is great for my skintone as it's not too pale (even though the colour is basically invisible), but on paler skins it may help to add a natural warm, healthy look to the skin in a very subtle manor. A very similar powder which i love but forgot to photograph (doh) is the MAC mineralize skinfinish in lightscapade. I'd compare this to a slightly more sheeny version of the ambient lighting shade diffused light, as it has a slight champagne/yellow tone which counteracts redness and adds a lovely glow. A light hand is best with this but its an amazing dupe!

Next up, the affordable options - Rimmel stay matte powders have been my my side for a number of years, as they're just so darn handy to have around. They set your makeup in place for a good few hours, and take away shine without making you completely matte, so the result is very natural. It also never cakes which is a bonus for a drugstore powder! A newbie i've been trying out is the Bourjois healthy balance powder. I bought this as more if a 'touch up' powder as it has a little bit of coverage, but i've also found myself reaching for it in the mornings to set everything in place. This is a good'un if you want something which is going to give you a slight tint of coverage, whilst making everything matte. It's a little more mattifying than the rimmel option, but still not cakey. As it has a little coverage, it's also great to use heavier towards the end of the day to touch up faded foundation if your in a rush and can't use any concealer. 

Another great option for touch ups is the luxurious Chanel les beiges. This little compact is great to throw in your bag as its got a large mirror for makeup checking, and the brush it comes with is pretty useful too - not one to throw away this time! The powder itself takes away shine whilst still leaving you with a glow, whilst adds a subtle amount of coverage to make everything look fresh. Definitely my favourite on the go powder! it also has SPF 15 which is a bit of a bonus, as its basically impossible to top up your protection during the day with makeup on! 

Finally, the sole loose powder. The Nars light reflecting setting powder is quite different from all the others in my collection. This one is solely for use at home, as things can get a little messy. The translucent powder does nothing for touching up or adding coverage, and rather is one to use on days where you need your makeup to last, or will be unable to touch up. It does a great job of mattifying the skin, more so than the rest, but it still manages to look natural. It's slightly light reflecting which means although you look matte, it still gives you a fresh, healthy look which is very hard to describe. Like natural skin is my best description! When i use this my makeup lasts all darn day without the need of one touch up throughout - now that's impressive. It also apparently helps to guard against dryness which is a great bonus as my skin can sometimes feel a little dehydrated when i wear powders. Definitely one for oilier skinned gals who still want a natural look to the skin as it really does matte everything down, although i have normal/dehydrated skin and it still works a treat for when i need to be a little less glowy.

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