Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The weekly roundup #6+7

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I'm going to start doing monthly roundup posts, and sporadic 'Sunday posts' when something interesting occurs in my life, as writing these weekly has made me realise - i really do not get up to much at all.

A little haul happened: Sometimes, i cave. I cave and theres no stopping me from buying everything and anything i fancy. Considering it was one of those days, i think i did pretty well considering i only came away with about half of what i was lusting over. These products have already been featured in a haul which you can watch here, and theres even a first impressions video coming your way.

A room rejig: After getting my iMac, i realised my room is far too cluttered. Moving everything off my desk meant things were scattered everywhere, so i re-did my room a little bit. Nothing drastic, but it looks a hell of a lot better and far less cluttered. Room tour anyone?

A weekend away in devon: My boyfriend has recently upped and moved to devon, meaning i will making a fortnightly FOUR HOUR bus journey up to stay. Four hours people, god help me. Luckily it's a lovely little town with cute little coffee shops and a pebble beach. I even found it stocks antipodes, and theres even a couple high end beauty counters so my beauty addiction is attended to. Maybe i need to take up knitting to pass the time...

Post planning: I have a load of great content planned for the blog and youtube this month, which i hope you'll love! Blogging is something i thoroughly enjoy, so finding the time to actually spend on it rather than finding it a chore has been lovely. Stay tuned!

Not much else to report. Told you i'm boring.

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