Wednesday, 30 April 2014


Another whats on my face post for you today, my 8th in fact! This was a spur of the moment idea and i was lacking a remote so sorry for the super in your face photos! I was off out with my boyfriend and his mum for some lunch and a walk as it was his birthday, so this was a 'throw on yet still look put together' kind of look, which included more products then i thought! I tried out the Tanya Burr lipgloss in 'Chic' for the first time and although the formula is lovely, i think its a little too nude for me, however i do love picnic in the park still!

BASE: Nars pure radiant tinted moisturiser // Bobbi brown corrector // Maybelline the eraser eye // Hourglass ambient lighting powder in luminous light

FACE: Topshop bronzer // Laura Mercier cheek colour in lush nectarine // Topshop glow in polish

EYES: Mac paint pot in groundwork // Nars 'And god created the woman' palette, top right shadow // Lancome hypnose mascara // Hourglass arch brow sculpting pencil // Maybelline brow drama

LIPS: Nars lipstick in tolede // Tanya Burr lipgloss in chic

Sunday, 27 April 2014


White for spring

I used to be dead set against white. I was certain it made me look washed out, but now its the colour of the season (bar pastels and orange) and seeing it all over had made me love it that little bit more, and i've actually grown to love it on me. As my wishlist has reached an all time high, instead of trying to throw it into one big wishlist post, i decided i would make little style snippet posts showing you my favourites regarding a certain colour/trend/shop! I'd like to point out that the majority of this is from asos, as i had a major stalk of their website in the week and I'm loving it at the moment! The blazer and skort have already made their way into my wardrobe, so we'll see whats next...


Thursday, 24 April 2014


Bobbi brown isn't a brand which is all that accessible to me - the nearest counter is about 45 minutes away on the train and not somewhere i visit all that often, so on my recent trip to London i made sure to visit a counter and pick up something i'd been wanting for a while, one of their Pot Rouges.

I ended up choosing the shade calypso coral as the shade i originally wanted, hibiscus, was sold out. Calypso coral is definitely true to its name, being a bright coral pink colour. It applies like a dream, bright but not too heavy meaning you can apply one thin coat for a pop of colour without it being too in your face, or apply two like i have above for a more full on blush look. It leaves the skin with a lovely natural looking glow, blending in seamlessly to any makeup underneath. I'm majorly impressed so far, especially considering it lasted about 9 hours on me before fading which is really impressive for a cream blush. It works nicely on the lips too, although i would say you do have to make sure to exfoliate your lips first as it will cling to any really dry patches you have (I'm wearing it on the lips too under a tanya burr gloss - review in the works)

Have you ever tried a pot rouge, what are your favourite shades?


Monday, 21 April 2014


A primer is not something i thought i'd be writing a review on anytime soon. Only a few months ago i never even wore primers, but now they are a daily essential for me. Not just for the longevity they bring, but also for all the extra properties they have these days. The cream of the primer crop for me at the moment has to be the Chanel Le Blanc De Chanel, and heres why....

The Le Blanc De Chanel somehow manages to brighten up your skin without actually including any shimmer. Yes, the brightening effect is quite minimal but day to day this is exactly what i want. Once foundation is applied over the top it gives you a healthy lit from within glow without making you look shiny, which makes this the perfect radiance primer for the warmer months. It also manages to smooth over the skin and give a subtle soft focus effect, meaning i tend to go for much lighter bases when i use this, and i would also be inclined to use this sans foundation for a 'i'm naturally this glowing' look. It's not technically marketed as a primer, but it does a bloody good job as one, keeping my makeup in place for a full day(bar touch ups around the nose - runny nose 4 eva.)

The only thing i find is that i do have to use quite a lot of this, id say a 2p size amount, to cover my whole face. I'm not sure if this is just because my skin is quite dehydrated or what but i am afraid of running out of it quite quickly. That being said i am still working my way through the sample i have which is only about 5ml and i've been using it most days for about 2 weeks - so who knows!

I've definitely found my favourite everyday primer for the summer to give me a glow without making thing look greasy.

Sunday, 20 April 2014


So a few days ago i went to London and managed to pick up a couple things from MUJI i'd been wanting. My makeup drawers were looking a bit of a mess at the lately so i wanted some new storage to spruce them up alittle along with some new acrylic drawers. I recently also acquired some glass jars from IKEA so what better time to update you on the storage which holds all things beauty...(ps. apologies for the bad photos, it was a bad photography day)

I'm always playing about with the way in which i store everything in my ikea alex drawers, and i finally decided that no matter how much i switched it around i really just needed some new sections. So i picked up two new storage boxes - the 9 partition box and the 12 partition box. You can remove any partitions you don't want which is super handy, and i actually removed most of them out of the 12 partition box as it was really the size i was after not the dividers. Pictures were not easy to capture so maybe i'll do an updated makeup collection at some point!

As for the acrylic drawers, i decided to go for the 2 drawers with flip top lid wide to sit on top of my other two drawers. I probably won't use the flip top all that much but its nice to have there incase i need it! In the top drawer i keep foundations, the second primers, concealer and powders, the third blushes and highlighters and the final drawers is for all things eyes. On top of them i have a narrow three drawer which i bought off amazon some time ago, and i can't really decide how i want to organise it. At the moment i have some lip products which won't fit in my lipstick holder in the top drawer, bronzers in the second and new products in the third. Ideas anyone?

As for the little bits and bobs scattered around, i recently finished up a mini diptique candle and have taken a liking to keeping my favourite lip glosses in it, and i have numerous jars which hold my current go to nail polishes, my cotton pads and my cotton buds. Very cute if i do say so myself.

Hopefully this has given you a bit of inspo, now i really need to stop reorganising...


Saturday, 19 April 2014


Spring/summer makeup is definitely my favourite. The bright colours are so uplifting and glowing skin is a firm staple in my daily makeup routine. When it gets to spring, your makeup will need a little updating - The heavy bases and dark colours of winter get pushed to the side to make way for the peppy pinks and glistening highlighters. In prep for summer weather, heres my edit of what you need to refresh your makeup for spring...

A LIGHTER BASE: I'm not one for heavy bases anyway, but when it comes to spring i completely shun them and opt for something fresh and light. mainly to do with the fact things can get a little sweaty with a heavy foundation, but also because with sun comes a healthy glow which i don't want to cover up. My favourite base discovery for spring has to be the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation which offers a light-medium coverage with a satin finish. I've already reviewed it in full here if you want to know more. Another option would be a tinted moisturiser, my favourite is the Nars Pure Radiant tinted moisturiser as it has coverage but a lightweight feel and healthy glow, along with SPF 30 to protect you from the sun.

A RADIANCE PRIMER: With summer comes a ever-growing lust for glowing, healthy looking skin. To help things on there way, i like to apply a radiance primer such as the Soap and Glory Bright here, Bright now to give me a subtle lit from within glow. If my skin is looking particularly lacklustre then the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector is thrown on for its incredible brightening properties. It gives you one heck of a glow and can also be doubled up as a highlighter - fab.

A DUST OF BRONZER: Bronzer is something which i only really wear in the summer. Sure in the winter i use it to subtly contour, but when spring comes around i like to opt for something slightly warmer which can be used alone for a bronze glow. The Jouer Mattifying Bronzer in Sunswept is a lovely warm but not orange bronzer with a very subtle shimmer which helps to brighten the skin. Its quite sheer but build able which means it can be used all over for a faux glow should you wish.

A CREAMY BLUSH: To me, spring is the time when i start whacking out the cream blushes. Natural looking makeup is my go-to in the warmer months, and cream blushes fit in with this perfectly due to their natural appearance on the skin. The Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Calypso Coral is my latest find, a coral-peach which looks great on the lips as well as the cheeks, and dries to a satin finish to keep the skin looking glowing. If you're an oily skinned gal or you like more of a powder finish, then the Topshop cream blushes are great for giving you that natural look whilst still setting down to a less sheeny texture. The shade Afternoon Tea is a gorgeous brightening cool toned pink which would work on all skin tones.

A PERKY LIP: Throwing on a bright lip really gets me in the mood for spring, but you don't have to go for something matte and in your face to brighten up your look. Sheerer brights are my favourites, with the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boheme sitting at the top of the lipstick charts for its sheer, moisturising formula which still gives you a warm pinky wash of colour. If you would rather something more glossy, the L'oreal L'extraordinaire liquid lipsticks give you a punch of opaque colour whilst remaining glossy and moisturising the lips. For a more muted but still brightening daytime colour, i opt for the No. 7 Sheer Temptation lipstick in Coral Peach, a true peach colour with a glossy formula.

Friday, 18 April 2014


I'm a sucker for high end makeup, its just so pretty and fun to buy! Following on from todays review, here are some of my high end favourites incase you missed the video over the weekend...



Charlotte tilbury's makeup line was a huge success from the get go, which is no surprise considering she is widely known as one of the top makeup artists in the world. Many a product intrigued me from her line but as it was mothers day coming up and my mother was in need of a new spring blush, i thought i'd treat her to one of the beautiful cheek to chic blushes, partly so i could also try it out myself...

The Charlotte Tilbury cheek to chic blushes are an interesting concept, theres a 'swish' part on the outside which you're meant to swirl your brush in and use as the main cheek colour, and then a 'pop' part in the centre which you are meant to use on the apples for a pop of colour (obviously). In a way this is great as it means your not going to go on with an insanely bright colour all over the cheek, but its also kind of difficult to keep to the sections with regular sized brushes.

The colour of this blush is right up my street,  peach with a slight shimmer and the pop a lovely true coral colour which compliments the peach well. As i don't really tend to apply blush on the apples of my cheeks, i've been applying the 'swish' part over my cheek just above contour, and then the 'pop' part a little further back than the apples, almost at the centre of where i put the previous blush which gives it all a bit more shape. Theres a slight shimmer in the outer part which gives you a healthy glow without looking sheeny and also helps the blush to look more natural. The wear time on this is really amazing, i'd say it lasts at least 9 hours on me which is pretty much the maximum time i ever wear makeup for unless I'm testing out longevity.

I'm definitely more intrigued than ever by Charlotte Tilbury, so product recommendations are welcome...

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


My second post featuring chanel this week, but this lipstick has to be shared. Me and Chanel are having a bit of a love affair at the moment, with their products taking over my my base and lips. My favourite lipstick discovery is this one, the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Liberte.

Now, Liberte was originally my mothers, and i chose the shade Satisfaction. Satisfaction is a nude shade with pink/brown tones which i loved, but was a little too nude for everyday so would only be whipped out if i was wearing a heavy smokey eye. My mother decided that Liberte was not pigmented or coral enough for her, so we swapped and i am now a very happy bunny. And of course i can still raid her collection for Satisfaction if i so wish.

Liberte is a sheer yet buildable warm toned peach shade, not coral in the slightest, just peach. It has a very minimal amount of shimmer in it which is only really noticeable after reapplying it a few too many times for no reason (other than it feels so creamy and luxurious...), when it can build up on the lips a little, but other than that it just helps the lips to look glossy. The formula is very moisturising and buttery but not to the extent that it smudges all over the place, it glides on and stays there for a good few hours. As it is quite a sheer and moisturising formula it doesn't have the best wear time, especially considering the price, but i can look past that due to the beautiful colour, and i mean who would mind getting this out in public to reapply hey?

For me, this is my perfect everyday lipstick for the spring, still peachy and bright, but sheer and muted enough for any makeup look. Liberte, we're going to get along just fine.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


I feel like its been ages since i filmed a makeup tutorial, but really its only been 2 weeks...I loved this look, especially seeing as it involves my beautiful Tom Ford lipstick. Still can't stop staring. Spring is finally here so don't expect this to be my last spring inspired look, wahoooo!

Monday, 14 April 2014


A good everyday foundation is hard to come by in my books, i like something which feels lightweight with a light-medium coverage and natural satin finish which i can go without powdering. So far my closest matches have been the Nars pure radiant tinted moisturiser and the Bobbi Brown skin foundation which i both love, but theres a new foundation on the block which has taken top spot as everyday foundation of choice.

The foundation in question is the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation. I always dismissed this foundation for fear of it being too sheer, but on one trip to the Chanel counter i decided to ask for a sample, and the rest was history. From first use i loved it, its a light-medium coverage, but it does a really good job at concealing imperfections such as discolouration and redness. I still need to use concealer under my eyes and on any actual blemishes, but the brightening effect it has means its much less. The way this differs from my usual foundation choices it that its much more of a satin/matte finish on my skin. I have quite dry/dehydrated skin so i usually steer clear of this kind of finish, but i've found it means i can skip powder without having to worry about being too shiny throughout the day, as it just tends to get better and more natural looking as my natural oils come through. For oilier skins you will need to powder with this, but i can see you only having to powder once or twice. The only downsides i have is that it does cling to dry patches, so i either have to exfoliate first if i can see any dry patches (chemical ones don't really cut it) or use a good hydrating primer and eye cream (as it tends to cling by the bridge of my nose the most for some reason). In the picture above i'm wearing it over the Chanel Le Blanc De Chanel which is my favourite way to wear it as it adds a little extra glow without being too heavy or noticeable. Another thing is that it also doesn't build too well all in one go. When built up too much i feel it can sit on the skin a little, so your much better going in with two light layers of it rather than one heavy layer, which can be annoying if your in a rush but the finish is worth it.

All in all this is a great everyday foundation for me, as the good points outweigh the bad (and the bad are easily counter-actable). I'm more than intrigued to try out the new Perfection Lumiere Velvet foundation for the summer. You'll know if i do...

Sunday, 13 April 2014


When shopping has been done, one must film a haul. I thought this month i'd do things a little differently and try out as many of the products before filming so i could give mini reviews of the ones i liked and didn't like too much. I'm pretty good when it comes to shopping and only buy things i know i'll love so these products are all pretty amazing in my books! What have you been buying recently?


How to curb your spending habits.

Hi, i'm dannii, and i'm a shopaholic. Ha. It's taken me a while to realise that i really do not need 10 lipsticks in the exact same colour, but now that i'm a little more frugal with my spending, i thought i'd share some tips which i'm sure your bank account will love.

  1. Make a wishlist. I know this may seem like torturing yourself, but hear me out. Since i made a whimventory account its really helped me to minimise my spending and only buy which i really want. Whimventory is a website where you make wishlists with actual links to products, so that you can click on the picture of it and it'll take you to the product page. It displays the price next to each item, so i can make wishlists prioritising what i want to buy each month. This helps me to work out how many things i can buy within my budget, and putting them on this list also means i'm less likely to buy something spur of the moment, as instead i like to leave it on the list for a week or two at least so that if i still want it after that time, i know i really like it. You can tick them off once you've got them and they go onto a separate 'purchased' page of the wishlist, so if i see that theres already a ton of things on the purchased page, i know to stop spending as i've already bought enough!
  2. Have a sort out. Sorting through your makeup collection and wardrobe a couple times a month can really help you to minimise spending, or if you do spend it means your more likely to buy things you actually need or will use a lot. Sorting out my makeup regularly has made me realise i have enough foundations to last me the rest of the year, and that if i buy anything it should be a new eyebrow pencil or everyday nude or peach lipsticks as these are what i'm lacking. Likewise, sorting out my wardrobe lead me to realise i have no casual tops suitable for all year round, and that i also needed a pair of transitional trousers and shoes. This is also a great thing to do as it can make you rediscover pieces or products you forgot about!
  3. Put money in your savings account. If i can see that i have a good amount of money on my card, i'll immediately be more inclined to spend it. I've started putting money in my savings whenever i have it, and only leaving myself enough money for food and a little bit for buying anything i may need. Although essentially i could still take the money out of my savings if i wanted to, i feel a lot more guilty about it than simply spending it off my card. All in all its a lot better, as it means i can save up for something much more beneficial like an iPad or a new camera!
  4. Try not to get sucked in to hype. Being a blogger, it can be easy to read a ton of blog posts and feel like i NEED to try out a product, even if i don't really need it at all. At the end of the day theres only so many products you can actually use, so i just have to remind myself that buying it means something else will probably go to waste. 
  5. One in, one out policy. Linking to my last point, employing a one in one out policy is a great way to minimise the spending. Nowadays i tend to feel guilty about buying a bunch of new products if i know there are ones i need to use up, so instead i allow myself to buy a couple of new things if i either sell or use up a product first. I recently discovered that two of my foundations which are still 3/4 full probably only have about 6 months till going bad, so although i'm dying to purchase a few new ones, these need to be used up first as they are a couple of my favourites anyway and it would be so sad to have to throw them away. 
Hopefully this has helped any spending addicts out there and will help you save in the long run. It may seem like torture not buying everything you want, but when you already have a collection like mine you should be thankful for what you do have and make the most of the lovely products!


Saturday, 12 April 2014


I'm wanting to post a lot more outfits over here, but i always find it so difficult to take proper outfit photos due to weather/nowhere to take them/it being freezing most of the time and me not leaving bed. I'm planning to do these iPhone outfit of the day posts as much as possible as they are so much quicker, but let me know if you like the idea or would rather proper outfit photos less frequently?

I picked up this pink skirt from Zara a couple of weeks ago, but never got round to wearing it. Its a little too long for me so i roll it up once, meaning i have to wear something baggy on the top to cover the band. I'll probably always wear something oversized with it anyway as otherwise it can make me look a little frail, but i absolutely love the colour and material of it. I paired it with this super pretty pastel chiffon shirt which i got last year also from Zara, and my newest shoe love - The Topshop Keepsake peep toe boots. I'm a boot girl through and through, but come summer they can be a little stuffy, so these are the perfect middle ground between boot and sandal. In love. So comfy.


Mac lipsticks will always be staples in my collection. Although i'm often lured in by the fancy packaging of chanel and YSL, the shade range mac has to offer is unbeatable and the formula is pretty wonderful too. An updated collection is now on its way after quite a few votes for one, but for now, heres my top 5 favourite mac lippies...


Friday, 11 April 2014


Spring fashion wishlist #1

Now that its spring i've been getting more and more into fashion. I think its all the amazing collections and pretty pastel colours, but its making me forget about buying new makeup (i know, shocker!) I'm going to london on tuesday and have vowed not to buy any more black, so heres a wishlist for almost all the clothes I'm lusting over and planning on picking up (the leather jacket and bag may have already been ordered...) Pretty pastels a plenty.



I always forget to post my videos on here, so expect a few to be cropping up over the next week or two while i catch up on sharing my recents with you :) Skincare is a big love of mine, but i know not everyone can afford luxury products, so heres my affordable skincare recommendations, they're all pretty darn good!


Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Spring is finally coming around, which means it's time to bust out some spring appropriate nail polishes and spruce up those digits. Me and nail polish have never been the best of friends. I've always been too lazy to bother painting twice weekly, but it's been a beauty resolution of mine to slap on the lacquer more often. You may have seen my boots haul a couple weeks back featuring some pastel hues, so here in one handy post is my edit of the best spring themed lacquers.

THE ONE THATS ALMOST WHITE BUT NOT QUITE // The L'oreal color riche nail polish in lemon meringue is the perfect alternative to a harsh white polish. It still has that milkiness to it, but the pastel lemon tinge makes it much more wearable and complimenting. The colour applies opaque in two coats which is impressive for such a light shade, and the wear time is pretty good too! Definitely a new favourite.

THE MINT // Essie mint candy apple is a much loved polish in the blogging world, but only became mine a couple of weeks ago. Its a lovely pastel minty blue shade which is perfect for the spring. Its bright but still goes with anything i decide to wear. As with all essie polishes in the diffusion line, it has a fabulous wide brush.

THE LILAC ALTERNATIVE // Although lilacs are pretty, they just aren't for me. I don't think they really suit my skin tone. Essie Splash of grenadine is a vibrant purple pink shade which is completely different to any other colour i've seen, and it really stands out on the nails. It dries quite glossy which is lovely too. A must have for spring in my eyes.

THE BRIGHT ONE // Essie peach daiquiri is really not a peach at all, but a vibrant coral pink. It's not quite neon but it does really stand out on the nails. I'm not a huge fan of pinks but the coral tone makes it much more to my tastes. It's one i'll be whacking out when its sunny again.

THE ONES THAT ARE A LITTLE BIT DIFFERENT // Everyone tends to stick to the typical pastels when it comes to spring, but for me i like to branch out a bit more. Still keeping with a pastel theme, but straying from the typical pink, purple etc. Topshop venus fly trap is a favourite of mine, as its a gorgeous pastel true green colour, no yellow or blue tones in sight. It's unique but surprisingly easy to wear, not clashing with any clothes i decide to wear. I wasn't too impressed with the formula of previous topshop polishes i've tried, but this one is spot on. The other colour i've been loving and is currently adorning my tips as i type is Essie tart deco. This is peachy colour in the bottle, but comes out a lot more coral and less milky on me, which i actually quite like. It's bright but still has that white undertone which makes it have a similar look to a pastel. Coral is really my favourite colour so of course i love this!

If you have any spring nail polish favourites, let me know as i'm definitely getting in to the lacquer.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Whilst prepping for this post, i realised that i do not have all that much peach makeup. Given that its my favourite shade to wear, i thought i'd have an abundance, but apparently its a case of me never buying any peachy products due to thinking i already have enough. Anyway, Regardless of this, the products i do have are staples in my collection and its likely i'm wearing one of them pretty much ever time i wear makeup. So here goes, my edit of all things peachy.

First off, the peach blushes. Two of my favourite blushes in my collection fall into this category, and although pinks do adorn my cheeks on the occasion, its only so i don't get stuck in a peachy rut. My all time favourite has to be Nars Gina blush, a true peach colour with a matte finish that blends into the skin seamlessly. I'm wearing it above fyi. The other is Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour in Lush Nectarine. This is a more coral peach colour with a very subtle shimmer, which is nice when i want a bit more colour on the cheeks. It's incredibly brightening and the formula is top notch.

Peach tinted lips are definitely the most flattering on my skin tone, although it can be difficult to find ones which aren't too pale. No.7 Sheer Temptation lipstick in Coral Peach is my perfect peach lipstick. I'm wearing it above, and as you can see its definitely a true warm peach with a glossy semi-opaque finish. I'm going through it at an alarming rate. Another peach lippy i've been loving lately is Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Liberté. This is much sheerer, more of a peachy wash of colour. It's got a small amount of shimmer in it too which helps the lips look plump and glossy. A great one to pair with a heavier eye look. If you're more of a lip crayon kinda gal then the Revlon Colorburst Lacquer balm in Tease is a deeper, reddish peach which is a great pop of colour for the summer. My final peach lip love is the Maybelline Colorsensational Shine Gloss in Cashmere Rose. This is more of a nude peach which is great for minimal makeup days or throwing on in a rush. The formula of these is spot on, glossy but completely non sticky. High five Maybelline.

Although not strictly peach, The Body Shop Colour Crush eyeshadow in Melt My Heart is a gold/bronze shade with a hint of peachy warmth which means it ties a peachy makeup look together perfectly. I wouldn't usually think to head to the body shop for makeup but recently i've been pleasantly surprised with their products.

Let me know any of your favourite peach products as i'm definitely in need of more peach in my life.


Monday, 7 April 2014


Whilst aimlessly browsing the isles of boots during their 3 for 2 offer, i noticed this little product at the top of the soap and glory stand. I'd never seen it before and i was intrigued by the shiny silver packaging (oh the simple things), so in the basket it went for trial. The box boasts that it hydrates, brightens, primes, evens out skin tone, protects, softens flaws and provides coverage (super-natural coverage at that!). This is a lot to aim to do, and having never found a great cc cream i was intrigued to see if it lived up to this.

The Soap and Glory CC superfluid cream to me, is very similar to the Bobbi Brown skin foundation, but a lot more watery and a much lighter coverage. It has the same peachy colour correcting and brightening tone to it (i'm nude peach in S&G and warm natural in BB fyi) and feels the same on the skin - hydrating and light. I'm not saying its a dupe but if you love the bobbi brown and are wanting something with lighter, barely there kind of coverage for day to day, then this may be for you. Coverage wise i'd say its a light coverage at best. It's more than just a tint, but not up with other tinted moisturisers i've tried. Saying that, i don't feel like it needs to be heavy coverage as it's great at disguising redness and dark circles, along with brightening the complexion to make it look better on the whole. As for hydrating and protecting it definitely does that (SPF 15 is enough for day to day if you aren't in the sun much), but on the priming side i'm not too sure. I can't see myself using this as a primer as i think it would just make my foundation feel too cakey, but on it's own its a great product which lasts a pretty good time on the skin before fading.

It seems a little disappointing that there are only two shades, but i think as its a light coverage and more colour correcting that they would work well on most skin tones. If you're much darker than me then i think you'd struggle, but for lighter skin tones i definitely think the lighter of the two shades would work. At £14 its not the cheapest product in boots but its definitely my favourite lightweight base from there, and it's currently on offer for £9.33 so i'd snap it up now and give it a go for summer.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Today I wanted to write a bit more of a personal post, as when posting about beauty it can be a little difficult to know about the person behind the blog. As you may have guessed by the title of this post, I have chronic Fatigue syndrome. Now, it's nothing all that serious, there are much worse things to have, but its quite frankly a pain in the ass. I've been suffering with chronic fatigue for about a year and half now, though i was only properly 'diagnosed' around a year ago. I say 'diagnosed' because its not really something you can test for, but i'll get into that later.

Right, so starting from the beginning. It all started at the start of year 11 around september/october time, after getting quite ill with a form of the flu. It can be difficult to describe to someone what its like to have chronic fatigue syndrome, as no day is the same and its not really something you can 'see' effecting someone. For me, when i'm at my worst I constantly feel like i haven't slept, regardless of how much sleep i've had the night before or how many naps i take. It can make you lose your appetite and also effect your overall health. When i first started getting the symptoms, i didn't even know what chronic fatigue syndrome was, it was out of sheer chance that my mum knew someone who had a son with it and told us to investigate. Whilst at school it was really difficult dealing with it, as they didn't really believe me and just thought i was skipping school. Having them not believe me was really hard, as it made me feel like maybe i was making it all up in my head and there wasn't actually anything wrong with me. Sometimes i'd try and power through because of this, but it only made things worse. If you need to rest, rest. Regardless of what your school say, they're only trying to look out for themselves as they want the school to look good, you need to do whats best for you health wise. So i started to go to the doctors and they said i might simply have 'Post viral fatigue', which is essentially the same as chronic fatigue syndrome but only occurs after illness for a couple of months. Having post viral fatigue wasn't something i could use to validate my attendance, so my only option was to attend school or have a bad attendance mark. Now it seems simple just having to get out of bed, but sometimes i would feel so tired i physically felt ill, sick and dizzy. And this would stay for the whole day if i didn't get more sleep. This occurred for a while, constantly having to have meetings with the school and having numerous tests and blood tests done, until finally i was referred to the hospital for a thorough review and to see if i really had chronic fatigue syndrome. I still believe that had my mum and i not constantly went on at the doctors to refer me to the chronic fatigue clinic, they would have continued parring me off saying i didn't really have anything wrong. Chronic fatigue doesn't show up on blood tests like something like glandular fever, it's really just a group of symptoms under a label, so you really do have to be assertive that you want to be reviewed for it.

I truly feel for you if you're at school with chronic fatigue, as it can be so so difficult dealing with it whilst having to be in education 5 days a week. Since finishing school and starting college, i can say my chronic fatigue is barely there anymore. The main things which bring on my chronic fatigue are stress and drinking alcohol, so i try to stay as calm as possible, and basically just stay at home and avoid parties! At the start of college i must admit that due to the stresses of changing school and other things happening in my life, it was just as bad as during the worst period i had at school, but since then i feel pretty healthy and energised a lot of the time.

Onto how to deal with it. Now everyone had different symptoms and also different factors which bring it on, but it really just takes time to learn what makes it worse and what makes it better. I find that although i may feel tired, sleeping for 12 hours makes me feel just as bad as only sleeping 6, so i try to get a good balance of around 9-10 hours. This may seem like a lot to some, but chronic fatigue is essentially being exhausted all the time, so sleeping 9 for me is probably like sleeping 6 for you! Having naps can also help, so if i do feel tired, rather than sleeping more, i tend to get up and on with my day and then nap later. As i touched on earlier, stress is my main drawback. It can be difficult to avoid being stressed with college and everything else going on, but the key is time management. During my exams at school, i basically had to prioritise what i wanted to do well in. Being me, i wanted to get as higher grade as possible in everything, but that just wasn't plausible health wise. Instead i focused on a few subjects which i really wanted to do well in, and revised when i could for the others. This really helped to minimise stress and meant that i didn't end up crashing and failing everything. The hardest part was knowing that had i not had chronic fatigue syndrome, i could have easily passed all my subject with really high grades, instead of letting some fall. If you feel like this then you need to remember that it's not your fault and you just need to do the best you can, rather than worrying about what could have been. Now i'm at college i find that getting as much work as possible done during college means i can relax a bit more at home, and gives me time for blogging and relaxing without feeling like a should be doing work. I also had to drop down from 4 A levels to 3, which was a huge help. I was really struggling to keep on top of 4, so although it meant dropping textiles which was one of my best subjects at school, i knew i just would not have been able to cope with it in the long run. Whatever causes your stress, i think the key is to not worry so much, as what happens, happens and theres only so much you can do and deal with. All of this was the hardest for me to figure out, but you'll get there eventually and accept it as something you cannot control and just have to make the best of. I also noted that another factor that worsens my chronic fatigue is drinking alcohol. Now i don't drink much anyway, but now it really is hardly ever as the effects are so much worse. Although i don't get hangovers as such, the effects are drawn out for weeks on end, leaving me feeling exhausted, sluggish and just a bit bleh. Chronic fatigue weakens your immune system, so with the damage of alcohol on top it just hits an all time low. So if you can, i would highly suggest avoiding alcohol if you have CFS, although i know it can be hard if your friends are all out having fun! Blogging has been a great distraction for me as it means i don't feel like i'm missing out and doing nothing. Find a hobby that isn't too strenuous, and it will make it all a little bit easier :)

Lastly, i'm going to mention a bit about diet. Now i'm by no means perfect with my diet now but as i said my chronic fatigue is more manageable now, and as long as i still have a balanced diet and get my vitamins it doesn't make it worse. When it was really bad, i'd find that eating healthily but still getting a good amount of carbs was the best way to eat. Sugars and processed carbs made me feel a lot more sluggish, so getting my energy from good cards and eating lots of fruit and veg made me overall a bit perkier. It's difficult to make this change if like me you don't really gain weight anyway so would have no other reason to change, but being healthy can only ever be good! I also took multivitamins, vitamin b for energy and cod liver oil. Sounds a lot, but they help your hair, skin etc too so bonus!

I hope this post has helped anyone struggling to cope with CFS, or anyone who feels this way but has yet to be diagnosed or didn't really know what was causing their exhaustion. I don't know about all the symptoms, only the ones i have, so i'd recommend giving it a google as finding out you have it may take away a lot of stress. If you ever need anyone to talk to about it, drop me a tweet or email me and i'll help as much as i can. Remember, chronic fatigue syndrome is a real thing, although it cannot be diagnosed through blood tests, so don't feel silly or weak if you feel like you have it.

Saturday, 5 April 2014


Ah, space NK, my happy place. Everytime i'm near one there seems to be some kind of gravitational pull which makes me go in every. single. time. Ever gazed at all the lovely products and not known where to start? Here are my favourites from the magical land.

NARS // When in space NK, it is a must to take a peek at the Nars counter. The Nars pure radiant tinted moisturiser and the radiant creamy concealer are up there with my base favourites, and the blushes and lip products all hold a special place in my collection. In particular, Gina blush, Tolede lipstick and Fez eyeshadow.

LAURA MERCIER // Pretty much the only primers i use are from laura mercier. The radiance primer and protect primer are my go to's most days. The radiance one gives you a warm glow, whilst the protect one has spf 30 to protect your skin from the sun, all whilst keeping your makeup in place!

KEVYN AUCOIN // For your sculpting needs, head over to KA. Their sculpting powder and celestial powder are what chiselled cheek dreams are made of. Silky smooth powders which look natural yet defining on the skin, must haves.

ORIBE // If you're a fan of big hair, head over to the oribe stand. Their dry texturizing spray blows any others out of the water. It may not be the best for hold, but it gives your hair a gritty, texturized feeling which sticks around for days, and helps to reduce oil. Their thickening sprays and mousses are tops too, and i'm a big fan of their ultra gentle shampoo and conditioner for a hydrated yet clean feeling.

ALL THE SKINCARE // I couldn't pick one particular brand to mention, so i bundled them into one to avoid the stress. Ren have you covered with masks (the glycolactic and detox mask are both great), Keihls for evening skincare (I love the creamy eye treatment, ultra facial cream and biological peel), the Emma Hardie moringa cleansing balm is the best i've tried and the Nude progenius treatment oil is like a facial in a bottle.

Just a few of my favourites from space NK, but my list could go on forever. Let me know any products you can't live without from there!

Friday, 4 April 2014


You may remember i wrote a post in january titled "operation use things up". Well, this is the progress i've made so far with using things up! Rather than using up a ton of products I've been making an effort to use up a lot of my samples, as i have so many samples from high end brands that it seems silly to leave them sitting there. I've managed to use up quite a few but i thought it would be pointless including them in the empties video i posted, so here they are in a nifty little blog post. To me, i love getting samples as it means i can try out a higher end product for a couple of days before splashing out on the full size, as skincare is a very personal thing so i can't always trust reviews.

First up, cleansers. I used up two samples of the EVE LOM morning time cleanser, and i absolutely loved it. My mum has the full size and i've taken to pinching it in the morning! It's a light balm cleanser which melts into the skin, leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean, but also very hydrated. After using it for a week or so i found my skin looked so much brighter and was a lot smoother, so i'd definitely recommend it. The other one i used up was the Elemental Herbology purify and soothe cleansing balm. Now i'm on the fence with this one. I don't think the sample was big enough for me to properly make my mind up, and i must admit i only used it with a cloth to remove once. When rinsed i found it left a lot of residue on my skin, and it also has a funky natural smell which I'm not too keen on. It is a lovely cleanser, but not as luxurious as my Emma Hardie one which i love and is roughly the same price.

For serums i used up two samples. First, the Caudelie vinosource thirst quenching serum. This was a really lovely hydrating serum which left my skin feeling extra hydrated. I always use a hydrating serum so i can't say it made a massive difference to my skin but it is a lovely one to try out. I also used up the Rodial stemcell facial oil. Now i really did not like this. Its an oil but i didn't really find it hydrated my skin at all, and i didn't notice any added radiance or softness after using it. It left my skin feeling a little greasy but not much else, would not recommend it!

Moisturiser wise i used up three. The first being the Keihls ultra facial cream. Now i absolutely loved using this! It was a nice simple one to use if i was using an exfoliating toner or an oil at night to cover me on the hydration front, but was also nice to use in the daytime as its not greasy. I definitely think i'll be picking this up when autumn comes around again. The Nude radiant day moisturiser was also used up, and i didn't really think i'd love it but it was really lovely to use. It's a great option for the daytime, and i'm planning to purchase the Nude radiance set as it has this in, to keep at my boyfriends. Such a lovely product if you want a light yet moisturising yet radiant daytime moisturiser! The last moisturiser i used up was the Rodial stemcell day cream. This was okay, it did moistures nicely but i like a day cream which is going to either smooth out my skin or give me a lot of radiance. I don't really remember much about this and i only used it up a week or two ago, so it can't have been that great! I also used up an eye cream, the Clarins eye contour balm. I've had a couple of samples of this, and they are such generous samples! Its a lovely hydrating eye cream which sinks in quickly so it works well under makeup, but its also hydrating enough for the evening. Its probably my favourite eye cream i've tried and ill definitely be purchasing it once i run out of another.

On the hair front, i only used up one sample. I did try another duo but the organic smell was too much for me so i only used it once and passed it on to my mother! The Oribe ultra gentle duo was a pleasure to use. Sometimes i can find my shampoos a little too stripping and my conditioners a little too moisturising, but these are the best of both worlds. The shampoo is cleansing but leaves my hair feeling soft, and the conditioner makes it feel smooth and silky but not weighed down or toooo soft. I would buy the full sizes, but they're so damn expensive!

So, they're the samples i used up. Let me know if you've tried any of these products and your opinions! Below is the video for my actual product empties, give it a watch if you fancy.


The glow giving blush from Aerin...

Aerin have really come out with a corker with this one. Their multi color's from last summer really caught my attention, but for some reason i forgot about them and never purchased one. On a look back through my past wishlists in noticed the shade 'sweet pea' on one of them, and although that one is completely sold out, i managed to find 'freesia' still on stock on harrods. In the basket it went and after the longest delivery time and highest delivery cost known to man (why on earth does it have to cost £6 for delivery?!) it landed in my grasps and a happy Dannii i was.

The Aerin multi colour for lips and cheeks in Freesia is a beautiful coral-pink shade with a heap of gold shimmer running through it. On the cheeks it translates to more of a golden highlight shade, with just enough colour to perk up the complexion. The shimmer is in no way chunky and doesn't draw attention to any flaws, which i was worried about. These are also meant for your lips which i think they'd be great for due to the mega creamy formula and dewy finish it gives, but since this shade is so shimmery i'll have to give it a miss.

The main thing which drew me in to this though was the packaging, look how gorgeous?! The baby pink pouch means that you can carry it in your bag without the luxe gold embossed packaging getting scratched. The whole appearance of the blush made me not want to use it! Since this blush costs £30 it makes it feel much more worth it knowing it's a great item to display as well, blush and ornament in one? Fingers crossed aerin bring out more of these this summer, i'd love a peachy shade!


Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Lipgloss, Lipgloss. Now, i'm not a lipgloss kind of girl. I own a handful at most, but recently i've been getting into it a lot more. I think it's probably because i'm so lazy with upkeep throughout the day and you don't have to worry about them fading. Anyway, whatever the reason, I picked up two of the Maybelline colorsensational shine glosses (the shades are cashmere rose and electric orange FYI) and i've been loving 'em.

The maybelline glosses have the best bits of a lipgloss. A good amount of pigment, a glossy sheen and a non sticky texture. The least sticky i've ever tried! On top of that they feel nourishing on the lips which is great as mine are pretty dry a lot of the time. The colour glides over dry patches which means rather than opting for a balm, i can just throw this on and not worry about my lips looking a little worse for wear. As for the colours themselves, Cashmere rose is a peachy nude shade which really compliments a smokey eye or no makeup makeup look. It also looks particularly nice over nude lipsticks to make the lips look plump and take away the dryness matte lipsticks can have. Electric orange is much brighter but still slightly sheer and wearable. I'd say its a bright orange with a peachy undertone which makes it suitable for everyday and doesn't look too much with a brighter blush. Both of the colours are extremely me and would definitely suit a large range of skin tones. For the price i couldn't recommend them more, i actually think i prefer them to my much loved clarins instant light natural lip perfector!


Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Where has this year gone?! We're already 4 months in and spring has officially sprung. I will be doing some spring themed post or video over the next month but for now, here's my monthly edit of whats going to be in rotation in the muji drawers for the next 4 weeks...

Base wise, I've been loving the Chanel vitalumiere aqua foundation, paired with the Maybelline the eraser eye concealer. This combination creates a lightweight base which covers up the majority of problems, which is enough for me day to day. I can definitely see this being my base of choice over the next month. On hotter days i've been opting for a dusting of the Nars light reflecting setting powder all over, it somehow manages to give you an airbrushed finish whilst matting everything down, all whilst giving you a subtle glow. This is the only powder i've used which can keep me shine free all day, so props to you Nars! It will definitely be on hand this month. Underneath makeup i'll be slapping on the Soap & Glory feel good factor whenever i'm in need of some SPF, as it does the job of protection, along with moisturising and smoothing the skin too, full review here.

Onto the rest of the face, and the Jouer mattifying powder bronzer in sunswept has been dragged out from the depths, and i'm so glad. Its a lovely subtle bronzer for warming up the face and lightly contouring as well. I'd say its very similar to Nars laguna bronzer, but a few shades lighter and it only had a very slight shimmer, whereas the shimmer in laguna is more noticeable for me. Blush wise, i have two coral options, one cream one powder. The Tarte amazonian clay blush in tipsy will be my blush of choice when i want something matte and vibrant, then the Aerin multi color in freesia will be brought out on days when i want more of a coral glow, as this leaves a beautiful golden sheen on the skin whilst giving you a subtle hint of colour. Review? Eyes wise, The body shop colour crush eyeshadow in melt my heart is a shade i love to throw on for a bit of subtle sheen and colour, or before applying other eyeshadows as it makes a lovely all over the lid colour in a smokey eye. Whatever the look, I can see this being a part of it!

Lastly lips, and the theme of coral is strong here. On the luxe end of the scale, the Tom Ford lip color sheer in sweet spot is my lippy of choice at the moment, as 1) it makes me feel rather fancy when i whip it out in public, and 2) its the most gorgeous sheer coral peach colour, perfect for my skin tone. At the other end of the spectrum, two drugstore glosses i've been loving are both by maybelline. The colorsensational shine glosses in cashmere rose and electric orange are great to throw on if i want a subtle wash of colour without the upkeep. They're the least sticky glosses i own and keep the lips feeling soft and moisturised. Cashmere rose is a sheerer, peachy nude whilst electric orange is a lovely sheer orange with a more peachy undertone. Love them both.

What products will you be keeping up front this month?

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