Friday, 18 April 2014


Charlotte tilbury's makeup line was a huge success from the get go, which is no surprise considering she is widely known as one of the top makeup artists in the world. Many a product intrigued me from her line but as it was mothers day coming up and my mother was in need of a new spring blush, i thought i'd treat her to one of the beautiful cheek to chic blushes, partly so i could also try it out myself...

The Charlotte Tilbury cheek to chic blushes are an interesting concept, theres a 'swish' part on the outside which you're meant to swirl your brush in and use as the main cheek colour, and then a 'pop' part in the centre which you are meant to use on the apples for a pop of colour (obviously). In a way this is great as it means your not going to go on with an insanely bright colour all over the cheek, but its also kind of difficult to keep to the sections with regular sized brushes.

The colour of this blush is right up my street,  peach with a slight shimmer and the pop a lovely true coral colour which compliments the peach well. As i don't really tend to apply blush on the apples of my cheeks, i've been applying the 'swish' part over my cheek just above contour, and then the 'pop' part a little further back than the apples, almost at the centre of where i put the previous blush which gives it all a bit more shape. Theres a slight shimmer in the outer part which gives you a healthy glow without looking sheeny and also helps the blush to look more natural. The wear time on this is really amazing, i'd say it lasts at least 9 hours on me which is pretty much the maximum time i ever wear makeup for unless I'm testing out longevity.

I'm definitely more intrigued than ever by Charlotte Tilbury, so product recommendations are welcome...

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