Sunday, 13 April 2014

How to curb your spending habits.

Hi, i'm dannii, and i'm a shopaholic. Ha. It's taken me a while to realise that i really do not need 10 lipsticks in the exact same colour, but now that i'm a little more frugal with my spending, i thought i'd share some tips which i'm sure your bank account will love.

  1. Make a wishlist. I know this may seem like torturing yourself, but hear me out. Since i made a whimventory account its really helped me to minimise my spending and only buy which i really want. Whimventory is a website where you make wishlists with actual links to products, so that you can click on the picture of it and it'll take you to the product page. It displays the price next to each item, so i can make wishlists prioritising what i want to buy each month. This helps me to work out how many things i can buy within my budget, and putting them on this list also means i'm less likely to buy something spur of the moment, as instead i like to leave it on the list for a week or two at least so that if i still want it after that time, i know i really like it. You can tick them off once you've got them and they go onto a separate 'purchased' page of the wishlist, so if i see that theres already a ton of things on the purchased page, i know to stop spending as i've already bought enough!
  2. Have a sort out. Sorting through your makeup collection and wardrobe a couple times a month can really help you to minimise spending, or if you do spend it means your more likely to buy things you actually need or will use a lot. Sorting out my makeup regularly has made me realise i have enough foundations to last me the rest of the year, and that if i buy anything it should be a new eyebrow pencil or everyday nude or peach lipsticks as these are what i'm lacking. Likewise, sorting out my wardrobe lead me to realise i have no casual tops suitable for all year round, and that i also needed a pair of transitional trousers and shoes. This is also a great thing to do as it can make you rediscover pieces or products you forgot about!
  3. Put money in your savings account. If i can see that i have a good amount of money on my card, i'll immediately be more inclined to spend it. I've started putting money in my savings whenever i have it, and only leaving myself enough money for food and a little bit for buying anything i may need. Although essentially i could still take the money out of my savings if i wanted to, i feel a lot more guilty about it than simply spending it off my card. All in all its a lot better, as it means i can save up for something much more beneficial like an iPad or a new camera!
  4. Try not to get sucked in to hype. Being a blogger, it can be easy to read a ton of blog posts and feel like i NEED to try out a product, even if i don't really need it at all. At the end of the day theres only so many products you can actually use, so i just have to remind myself that buying it means something else will probably go to waste. 
  5. One in, one out policy. Linking to my last point, employing a one in one out policy is a great way to minimise the spending. Nowadays i tend to feel guilty about buying a bunch of new products if i know there are ones i need to use up, so instead i allow myself to buy a couple of new things if i either sell or use up a product first. I recently discovered that two of my foundations which are still 3/4 full probably only have about 6 months till going bad, so although i'm dying to purchase a few new ones, these need to be used up first as they are a couple of my favourites anyway and it would be so sad to have to throw them away. 
Hopefully this has helped any spending addicts out there and will help you save in the long run. It may seem like torture not buying everything you want, but when you already have a collection like mine you should be thankful for what you do have and make the most of the lovely products!


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