Sunday, 20 April 2014


So a few days ago i went to London and managed to pick up a couple things from MUJI i'd been wanting. My makeup drawers were looking a bit of a mess at the lately so i wanted some new storage to spruce them up alittle along with some new acrylic drawers. I recently also acquired some glass jars from IKEA so what better time to update you on the storage which holds all things beauty...(ps. apologies for the bad photos, it was a bad photography day)

I'm always playing about with the way in which i store everything in my ikea alex drawers, and i finally decided that no matter how much i switched it around i really just needed some new sections. So i picked up two new storage boxes - the 9 partition box and the 12 partition box. You can remove any partitions you don't want which is super handy, and i actually removed most of them out of the 12 partition box as it was really the size i was after not the dividers. Pictures were not easy to capture so maybe i'll do an updated makeup collection at some point!

As for the acrylic drawers, i decided to go for the 2 drawers with flip top lid wide to sit on top of my other two drawers. I probably won't use the flip top all that much but its nice to have there incase i need it! In the top drawer i keep foundations, the second primers, concealer and powders, the third blushes and highlighters and the final drawers is for all things eyes. On top of them i have a narrow three drawer which i bought off amazon some time ago, and i can't really decide how i want to organise it. At the moment i have some lip products which won't fit in my lipstick holder in the top drawer, bronzers in the second and new products in the third. Ideas anyone?

As for the little bits and bobs scattered around, i recently finished up a mini diptique candle and have taken a liking to keeping my favourite lip glosses in it, and i have numerous jars which hold my current go to nail polishes, my cotton pads and my cotton buds. Very cute if i do say so myself.

Hopefully this has given you a bit of inspo, now i really need to stop reorganising...


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