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You may remember i wrote a post in january titled "operation use things up". Well, this is the progress i've made so far with using things up! Rather than using up a ton of products I've been making an effort to use up a lot of my samples, as i have so many samples from high end brands that it seems silly to leave them sitting there. I've managed to use up quite a few but i thought it would be pointless including them in the empties video i posted, so here they are in a nifty little blog post. To me, i love getting samples as it means i can try out a higher end product for a couple of days before splashing out on the full size, as skincare is a very personal thing so i can't always trust reviews.

First up, cleansers. I used up two samples of the EVE LOM morning time cleanser, and i absolutely loved it. My mum has the full size and i've taken to pinching it in the morning! It's a light balm cleanser which melts into the skin, leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean, but also very hydrated. After using it for a week or so i found my skin looked so much brighter and was a lot smoother, so i'd definitely recommend it. The other one i used up was the Elemental Herbology purify and soothe cleansing balm. Now i'm on the fence with this one. I don't think the sample was big enough for me to properly make my mind up, and i must admit i only used it with a cloth to remove once. When rinsed i found it left a lot of residue on my skin, and it also has a funky natural smell which I'm not too keen on. It is a lovely cleanser, but not as luxurious as my Emma Hardie one which i love and is roughly the same price.

For serums i used up two samples. First, the Caudelie vinosource thirst quenching serum. This was a really lovely hydrating serum which left my skin feeling extra hydrated. I always use a hydrating serum so i can't say it made a massive difference to my skin but it is a lovely one to try out. I also used up the Rodial stemcell facial oil. Now i really did not like this. Its an oil but i didn't really find it hydrated my skin at all, and i didn't notice any added radiance or softness after using it. It left my skin feeling a little greasy but not much else, would not recommend it!

Moisturiser wise i used up three. The first being the Keihls ultra facial cream. Now i absolutely loved using this! It was a nice simple one to use if i was using an exfoliating toner or an oil at night to cover me on the hydration front, but was also nice to use in the daytime as its not greasy. I definitely think i'll be picking this up when autumn comes around again. The Nude radiant day moisturiser was also used up, and i didn't really think i'd love it but it was really lovely to use. It's a great option for the daytime, and i'm planning to purchase the Nude radiance set as it has this in, to keep at my boyfriends. Such a lovely product if you want a light yet moisturising yet radiant daytime moisturiser! The last moisturiser i used up was the Rodial stemcell day cream. This was okay, it did moistures nicely but i like a day cream which is going to either smooth out my skin or give me a lot of radiance. I don't really remember much about this and i only used it up a week or two ago, so it can't have been that great! I also used up an eye cream, the Clarins eye contour balm. I've had a couple of samples of this, and they are such generous samples! Its a lovely hydrating eye cream which sinks in quickly so it works well under makeup, but its also hydrating enough for the evening. Its probably my favourite eye cream i've tried and ill definitely be purchasing it once i run out of another.

On the hair front, i only used up one sample. I did try another duo but the organic smell was too much for me so i only used it once and passed it on to my mother! The Oribe ultra gentle duo was a pleasure to use. Sometimes i can find my shampoos a little too stripping and my conditioners a little too moisturising, but these are the best of both worlds. The shampoo is cleansing but leaves my hair feeling soft, and the conditioner makes it feel smooth and silky but not weighed down or toooo soft. I would buy the full sizes, but they're so damn expensive!

So, they're the samples i used up. Let me know if you've tried any of these products and your opinions! Below is the video for my actual product empties, give it a watch if you fancy.


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