Saturday, 12 April 2014


I'm wanting to post a lot more outfits over here, but i always find it so difficult to take proper outfit photos due to weather/nowhere to take them/it being freezing most of the time and me not leaving bed. I'm planning to do these iPhone outfit of the day posts as much as possible as they are so much quicker, but let me know if you like the idea or would rather proper outfit photos less frequently?

I picked up this pink skirt from Zara a couple of weeks ago, but never got round to wearing it. Its a little too long for me so i roll it up once, meaning i have to wear something baggy on the top to cover the band. I'll probably always wear something oversized with it anyway as otherwise it can make me look a little frail, but i absolutely love the colour and material of it. I paired it with this super pretty pastel chiffon shirt which i got last year also from Zara, and my newest shoe love - The Topshop Keepsake peep toe boots. I'm a boot girl through and through, but come summer they can be a little stuffy, so these are the perfect middle ground between boot and sandal. In love. So comfy.

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