Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Lipgloss, Lipgloss. Now, i'm not a lipgloss kind of girl. I own a handful at most, but recently i've been getting into it a lot more. I think it's probably because i'm so lazy with upkeep throughout the day and you don't have to worry about them fading. Anyway, whatever the reason, I picked up two of the Maybelline colorsensational shine glosses (the shades are cashmere rose and electric orange FYI) and i've been loving 'em.

The maybelline glosses have the best bits of a lipgloss. A good amount of pigment, a glossy sheen and a non sticky texture. The least sticky i've ever tried! On top of that they feel nourishing on the lips which is great as mine are pretty dry a lot of the time. The colour glides over dry patches which means rather than opting for a balm, i can just throw this on and not worry about my lips looking a little worse for wear. As for the colours themselves, Cashmere rose is a peachy nude shade which really compliments a smokey eye or no makeup makeup look. It also looks particularly nice over nude lipsticks to make the lips look plump and take away the dryness matte lipsticks can have. Electric orange is much brighter but still slightly sheer and wearable. I'd say its a bright orange with a peachy undertone which makes it suitable for everyday and doesn't look too much with a brighter blush. Both of the colours are extremely me and would definitely suit a large range of skin tones. For the price i couldn't recommend them more, i actually think i prefer them to my much loved clarins instant light natural lip perfector!


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