Monday, 7 April 2014


Whilst aimlessly browsing the isles of boots during their 3 for 2 offer, i noticed this little product at the top of the soap and glory stand. I'd never seen it before and i was intrigued by the shiny silver packaging (oh the simple things), so in the basket it went for trial. The box boasts that it hydrates, brightens, primes, evens out skin tone, protects, softens flaws and provides coverage (super-natural coverage at that!). This is a lot to aim to do, and having never found a great cc cream i was intrigued to see if it lived up to this.

The Soap and Glory CC superfluid cream to me, is very similar to the Bobbi Brown skin foundation, but a lot more watery and a much lighter coverage. It has the same peachy colour correcting and brightening tone to it (i'm nude peach in S&G and warm natural in BB fyi) and feels the same on the skin - hydrating and light. I'm not saying its a dupe but if you love the bobbi brown and are wanting something with lighter, barely there kind of coverage for day to day, then this may be for you. Coverage wise i'd say its a light coverage at best. It's more than just a tint, but not up with other tinted moisturisers i've tried. Saying that, i don't feel like it needs to be heavy coverage as it's great at disguising redness and dark circles, along with brightening the complexion to make it look better on the whole. As for hydrating and protecting it definitely does that (SPF 15 is enough for day to day if you aren't in the sun much), but on the priming side i'm not too sure. I can't see myself using this as a primer as i think it would just make my foundation feel too cakey, but on it's own its a great product which lasts a pretty good time on the skin before fading.

It seems a little disappointing that there are only two shades, but i think as its a light coverage and more colour correcting that they would work well on most skin tones. If you're much darker than me then i think you'd struggle, but for lighter skin tones i definitely think the lighter of the two shades would work. At £14 its not the cheapest product in boots but its definitely my favourite lightweight base from there, and it's currently on offer for £9.33 so i'd snap it up now and give it a go for summer.

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